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  1. J

    Siri Googles iOS 6...

    Hi guys, so what do you all think of iOS 6? I discuss a lot of stuff to do with Apple on my videos, please like comment and subscribe if you enjoy. Thanks to all! really appreciate your support :o
  2. J

    Ipad 3 launch vlog and hands-on

    Hi all, this morning 8AM this morning I went to my local Apple Store and vlogged the launch as well as done a hands-on with the iPad 3. <img src="" alt="" title="Smile" smilieid="1" class="inlineimg" border="0"><br>Please watch, like and...
  3. J

    Sonic 4 - iPad

    Thanks for the reply, I don't think there is one because all of the articles I have found is regarding the iPhone version and just up-scaling it to fit with the iPad.
  4. J

    What Games are you playing now??

    Sonic 4, Infinity Blade and Madden NLF (I downloaded NFL last night for a low price and still need to give it a try)
  5. J

    Sonic CD Announced for iOS

    I love the Sonic collection of titles for the iOS, I would also be amazed if they brought out Sonic Adventure for the iPad, it could support it no problem.
  6. J

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Is Here for iPad!

    Is there an iPad version of Sonic 4 out? according to the Internet there is one but I can only find an iPhone/iPod version?
  7. J

    Sonic 4 - iPad

    I am just starting this thread to ask a question, I have been looking online and apparently there is an iPad version of Sonic 4 out? but when I go to the App Store and do a search I can only find an iPhone/iPod version. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. J

    Pictures of my iPad w Apple KB

    Awesome setup, I am guessing that is replacing your computer for day-to-day office use? I must admit I use my iPad more then my computer and I use it a lot at work too.
  9. J

    iTunes question, been wondering this for a while

    Evene though I don't have any real addres info in or a credit card on record? So it will be perfectly fine just to keep using vouchers... cool, thanks for the info King.
  10. J

    iTunes question, been wondering this for a while

    I have been using a US iTunes account since November last year, I have bought quite a lot from the App Store only using iTunes gift vouchers, I haven't used a credit card at all with my iTunes, just gift card codes. My question here is, if I just keep continuing to purchase things off iTunes...
  11. J

    iPadForum on Facebook

    I was referring to this forum not the iPad, but either way both good :)
  12. J

    Remote Desktop for Streaming

    Ah I think I see what you are getting at, well do you have two different desktops? Laptop and pc maybe? Also it would help if you have two different wifi connections and two different servers to do it on.
  13. J

    Screen smudges and the domestic latex glove

    OCD means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, meaning someone is obsessed with keeping something clean and tidy... All of the time or it can be something it washing your hands every time you do something... Get the picture?
  14. J

    Remote Desktop for Streaming

    Different desktops on the same connection?
  15. J

    Do you leave Splashtop running all the time?

    I have been using Splashtop for a while also, I haven't used it while at College or anything yet though but I should be able to do it no problem as my Desktop is always on and connected to Splashtop and AirVideo.