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    iPad Pro flashing and beeping

    First ipad is under warranty than apple must replace it or you can go throught customer protection forum. secondly apple store dont sell refurnish mobile iphone. So make sure you have proper bill to replace. Now your beeping problem. It seems that some of needy hardware is not working or mal...
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    Setting up ipad with no computer

    Dont use open wifi network or free network. you can find many wifi network when you scan wifi. and there is no need for computer to setup new ipad. even you can take backup of ipad to icloud without computer.
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    Transfer files to iPad air from PC - what do I need? And how do I do it?

    you can use airdrop which is pre installed on your ipad and mac computer or you can use itunes to share file contact from computer to ipad. while you are sharing file via air drop then you need to turn on both wifi and bluetooth. then select file and share with option. or using itunes connect...
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    Discussion about ios 11

    Dear forum admin also creat group for new ios 11 discussion.
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    Upcoming ios 11 supported devices in september 201y

    List of apple device which can be upgraded to ios 11: iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone SE iPhone 5s Ipad air, air2 and in ipod only ipod touch 6
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    Ipad3 & iphone 3gs dont detect each other over bluetooth

    This are apple ios devices. It has restriction on bluetooth and wifi. Unlike in android phone you can connect each other over bluetooth or wifi and share file music video etc. But in ipad iphone you can connect via bluetooth to other sound device like headphone , speaker etc and not to other...