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  1. ipaddeveloper888

    Feeling sorry for those in the US

    and many of us just use WIFI because its free!
  2. ipaddeveloper888

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    ive had a splitting headache all day. but it finally seems to have abated. So I am going to get some sleep!
  3. ipaddeveloper888

    IP3 or mac air book ?

    The other thing is that a pad and a computer are two different things. You need both, really.
  4. ipaddeveloper888

    How often should you completely turn off your iPad?

    I dont think about it. So, whenever I get a glitch, I guess. Maybe once every one to three weeks.
  5. ipaddeveloper888

    Whats in store for the ip4

    I heard a piece on "Google Goggles" on NPR. They are a little clunky these days but I think that might be the NBT. That or a chip in our heads.
  6. ipaddeveloper888


    I dont think so. What you can do is try to hide the folders. Create a bunch of blank folders that add extra pages on your ipad. Put your critical stuff at the back where it is more difficult to find.
  7. ipaddeveloper888

    Why do I want an iPad? New to the forums...

    it is portable and does lots of amazing things (word processing, spreadsheets, lots of apps). and yes, wait for the 3. order directly from apple.
  8. ipaddeveloper888

    Need help

    try double clicking the home button. A bar will pop up from the bottom. You can delete the instance of safari there. This just closes it. It doesnt remove from your computer.
  9. ipaddeveloper888

    How can i install XCode Application on IPad?

    You can register as a developer for free. The 99 is only to be able to upload your apps to your device for testing or to the App store process. The free portion allows you to download Xcode onto a Mac. From there, you can run a simulator to see if your code works.
  10. ipaddeveloper888

    Csv file

  11. ipaddeveloper888

    Csv file

    The app, Numbers, reads CSC files with no issues.
  12. ipaddeveloper888

    Tell me your opinion about jail break for ipad 2 ?

    i am very happy with my ipad2, happy with the apple support I hope I never need, and I love all the apps that WOrK on the unjailbroken machine. I will never do it, at least as long as I only have one ipad. Thats just me.
  13. ipaddeveloper888

    Folder trouble

    Icons on the edge of the screen "run away from each other". Once you get them giggling, try moving icons that are at the center of the screen together so they merge and create a folder.
  14. ipaddeveloper888

    iPad 1/2 to iPad 3???

    i am getting an ipad 3, but for my wife. I will keep the ipad 2 for at least another year. then I will get the ipad 4!