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  1. iPad

    Did the iPad disapoint you?

    :o lol
  2. iPad

    iPad Super Bowl Commercials

    They didnt have one. Google had one though
  3. iPad

    Tons of iPad Competitors popping up...

    There doesnt need to be. the JooJoo will kill them all..including the iPad....well at the rate things are going im going to have to say that. but of course the Ipad will still be a huge success.
  4. iPad

    iPad vs JooJoo

    That looks soo awesome. honestly i might buy it
  5. iPad

    Did the iPad disapoint you?

    Apple has a way of doing that to people :o
  6. iPad

    iPads sold out on first day?

    This is Apple were talking about. of course it will be a sell out
  7. iPad

    How long will it take?

    Not long at all. i've already cracked it :D lol like i have anything to gain by doing that :cool:
  8. iPad

    iPad vs HP Slate

    IM GETTING THE HP SLATE! :p its KILLING the ipad in almost every comparison! wow.... No but seriously though Apple better step up and make some serious improvements or they could lose alot of their supporters (including me)
  9. iPad

    What's the deal with Flash?

    i agree with Dustin. iPad should have flash someone made a thread explaining why the ipad doesnt have flash but i dont care and that still doesnt change my mind. the ipad needs flash and thats final So get it done Apple. Thats an order
  10. iPad

    iPad... Business or Pleasure

    i spelt business wrong didnt i :confused: i looked at the thread title and thought "wow i cant believe i just mispelled that"
  11. iPad

    iPad... Business or Pleasure

    Buiessness. that is..if i deciede to get one ;)
  12. iPad

    400 users in 4 days!

    :eek: no way! looks like this place is gonna be pretty popular. glad i was one of the first few to sign up :D
  13. iPad

    The real reason why the Apple iPad will be a success

    interesting, i never thought of it like that. and here i thought i knew the audience Apple was aiming at ;)
  14. iPad

    Ipad developer units

    i havent heard anything. well atleast not yet
  15. iPad

    The Reason for No Flash

    The reason for it not having flash doesnt change my mind. it needs flash. Please apple thats all i ask of you