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    best stylus use in ipad 2

    Lol - maybe some of us have a life and aren't spending it wondering why a post is of interest mainly to newbies? Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    best stylus use in ipad 2

    How bizarre - there are new products appearing all the time so why wouldn't there be mainly newbies commenting on this. I guess the 'oldies' have tried tested and stuck with what works for them. The product I recommended only came out a few months ago. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Facebook for iPad - troubles, questions et al.

    Swipe your finger on the right hand side of the message (just above the 'like' symbol) and a 'remove' button appears. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Facebook for iPad - troubles, questions et al.

    Thanks very much - still finding my way around! Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    What's your favorite carry bag for the iPad and stuff?

    Although not a male, I would recommend the Tucano Work Out bag. Mine's a fetching shade of purple just like the iPF colour scheme but they also do more manly colours It's nicely padded and has a full length storage pocket that will take a bluetooth keyboard as well as...
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    best stylus use in ipad 2

    I love the Nomad brush. The sponge tip styli are nowhere near as responsive and the brush just glides over the screen. I also use a number of art apps including Art Rage and that's why I bought it initially but I discovered that it's great for tapping and navigating also. I sent for mine to the...
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    Facebook for iPad - troubles, questions et al.

    Zagg/Logitech keyboard case problems with Facebook Had the keyboard case for 2/52 now and am not that impressed with the pairing after sleep mode with it. Main problem is that with the keyboard active the send button in a Facebook posting is missing and part of the message sliding pane just...
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    POP email multiple accounts

    I've got two email accounts with the same ISP (Tiscali/Talk Talk) and was successfully using the iPad for both accounts. I occasionally got a message saying the user name and password for is incorrect but nevertheless the mail downloaded. About two months ago one mail account...