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  1. iJeffrey

    Apple Announces New iPhone SE

    A 4" phone and a lower price point works well in emerging markets as well.
  2. iJeffrey

    Wireless printing, iPad Air, HP7410 Officejet

    Your printer doesn't seem to be on Apple's list of working printers. Therefore, you will need an App like ePrint, Print n Share or Print Central. Any of those Apps should get you printing..
  3. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    ZILU 16800mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack $31.90 The iPad Pro has a whopping 10,307mAh battery in it, but you’re bound to run out of juice from time to time, and it pays to have a little extra with you. This Zilu power bank is rated at 16,800mAh, and you will get a complete...
  4. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Desktop Charging Hub S500 $53. For people intending to use the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, this charging hub could prove very handy indeed. It brings all the power you need for all of your devices directly to the desktop. There are two surge protected outlets, and three USB ports, one...
  5. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus If you really want a stylus for sketching, and you like the idea of painting on your iPad Pro, too, then check out this offering from Sensu. You can use the rubber stylus for sketching, but you can also pull off the cover and insert the stylus the other way round...
  6. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Moxiware Charging Dock for the Apple Pencil.. $29.95 The Perfect dock for charging Apple Pencil. Conveniently charge your Apple Pencil in this beautiful dock. Gorgeous dock available in anodized aluminum or hard wood. 2 Models. Cone: Has charging lightning port. Cylinder: Has charging...
  7. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Pad and Pencil While not literally a pad and pencil, the new product is a case for the iPad Pro that includes a pouch to store your Apple Pencil. The product is currently raising funding under a Kickstarter project and has already raised the money need to produce it for those who want one...
  8. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Catalyst iPad Pro Case If you'll be looking for a waterproof and rugged case for your iPad Pro, Catalyst will have you covered. Early next year, the company will be releasing its iPad Pro case. A specific release date wasn't announced, though. The new case will be waterproof in down to 2...
  9. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Zagg Slim Book Pro Keyboard Zagg's Slim Book series of keyboard cases are some of the best around, and now that same accessory will be making its way to the iPad Pro. The company announced the Slim Book Pro last week, and it will come with a two-year battery life, backlit keys, and the...
  10. iJeffrey

    Master iPad Pro Accessories Thread

    Apple Pencil Announced last week alongside the iPad Pro, the Pencil is Apple's first-ever stylus that will work with its new larger tablet. However, what separates the Pencil from the rest of the pack is its precision when writing or drawing on the iPad Pro. Its latency is ridiculously low...
  11. iJeffrey

    iPad Pro size with 2 iPad Air 2 pics. Reference pics, battery life and impressions.

    Awesome review @Mystro. Thanks for sharing..
  12. iJeffrey

    Will the iPad Pro replace your Laptop or your smaller iPad?

    I don't think consumers will jump to the Pro or even think of it as a computer replacement. I do believe that companies will jump on quickly as it has corporate value. It will be interesting to watch what happens.
  13. iJeffrey

    The iPad Pro is Capable of Supporting USB 3.0 Transfer Speeds via its Lightning Connector

    Engadget is reporting the following speeds.. The compatibility means the iPad Pro is capable of transferring files at speeds that reach 5Gbps, whereas a USB 2.0 connection can only reach a max speed of 480Mbps".
  14. iJeffrey

    iFixit is doing a live iPad Pro Teardown

    Head over to iFixit for a live teardown report. Be sure to refresh the page for updates.. iPad Pro Teardown
  15. iJeffrey

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    I don't think the Pro was designed for the consumer market. It's the corporate market that Apple wants to take from MS.