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    Most addictive game.

    Plants Vs Zombies or Glass Towers 2
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    Just downloaded. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Can't play embedded videos in Browser on jailbroke iPad

    Happened to me yesterday. Power off/on fixed it.
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    Atomic Web Browser

    If your iPad is Jailbroken you can use SB Settings to launch Atomic as the default. Works nicely.
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    Anyone have experience with iPhone Explorer on the iPad?

    Yep. Works as advertised.
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    App with email preview?

    Anyone know of an app that will pop up an email preview when email is received? Would eliminate having to exit the app to check email.
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    My Hard Candy Street Skin does not fit quite right

    I ordered one from Amazon as well, but mine fits tight like you would expect. Something is wrong with this one. I'd send it back.
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    Converted DVDs and iTunes Movies

    As far as getting them to sync with the iPad - I had this same issue. The iPhone Explorer allowed me to drag it into the DCIM folder, which then let me play it via iFile in the standard video player. I ended up buying the Cucusoft DVD to iPad cause it was the only method that seemed to work...
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    How do I get movie files into the ipad?

    I should qualify this by mentioning that I don't have any other Apple products - so I was trying to get back into familiar territory. Initially I started looking because my movie/picture files weren't transferring through. This proved to be a successful workaround for what I was after.
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    How do I get movie files into the ipad?

    iPhone Explorer - iPhone Explorer - A USB iPhone browser for Mac and PC
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    How do I get movie files into the ipad?

    I've been using iPhone Explorer. Free and works perfectly. Drag and drop.
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    Cheap Secure Stand and god finger buddys

    Funny - I had the exact same idea when I saw the rubberized book holders at the library... I think I have iPad-iteous.
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    Best iPad browser other than native SAFARI?

    I'm interested in feedback on his also. I like Atomic quite a bit, and there are some good features on Perfect Browser as well. Icab doesn't sound like it supports gestures (which is a deal breaker for me). For my money, it seems Atomic is the winner.