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  1. IGonz

    Just Wireless Dual USB Car Charger

    I am using the EZOPower black dual USB car charger in my Chevy Sonic LTZ. I chose this because of the low profile and the blue indicator light. Also have and using the one without the indicator light. Been charging my iPad 4 4g LTE and New Trent powerpak with 2.1amp port and iPhone 5 and kindle...
  2. IGonz

    Here is how to transfer your Unlimited ATT data plan to your new 4G iPad

    Update: Throttling still not happening. Transferred my $30/mo. grandfathered unlimited plan to my iPad 4 4g LTE back in November 2012. It's June 21, 2014 and still not throttled and averaging 5-20gig/month. Today my speed test says 32.50Mbps/up and 15.87Mbps/down with 12gig of data used so far...
  3. IGonz

    Who's getting an iPad Air?

    My $30/mo. AT&T grandfathered data plan is on my iPad 4 4g LTE and no need to upgrade. And my wifi only iPad 3 is fine right now.
  4. IGonz

    What PODCAST are you listening to right now?

    Currently listening to "Jill on Money" on the podcast app. Also weekly/daily: WSJ this morning Marketplace Money Motley Fool Money Market Wrap Bruce Williams
  5. IGonz

    Why do people keep upgrading iPads?

    On my Ipad..... Surf Banking- and paying bills. Stocktrading-I've made about $32k realized gains in my trading account so far this year. Also for tweaking of my 401k,Roth,regular savings,investments,etc. Reading- and audiobooks,podcast Flight listing while travel- I'm an airline employee and can...
  6. IGonz

    Still worth buying?

    I still use my iPad 1 for watching tv on my Slingplayer,streaming Netflix,Skype,and Internet use with no issues. I don't jailbreak. Also have an iPad 3 wifi and iPad 4 32 4g LTE with AT&T $30/mo. grandpa unlimited.
  7. IGonz

    Tablets will outperform notebook shipments in 2013

    I knew this would happen before the iPad 1 was released. All of the ipad jokes. All of the posters on many forums,tv,news,etc. said the iPad would fail back then. People said it wouldn't make it in business use,schools,ereader,daily use,etc. When I travel you don't even have to take your iPad...
  8. IGonz

    Watch movies online on iPad?

    I've streamed Netflix in several countries outside of the US.
  9. IGonz

    Watch movies online on iPad?

    I'm home now but have been in Europe around Thanksgiving and in Rio de Janeiro most of December. I have been streaming mostly Neflix(pay) and Slingplayer while away with no problems. Also have Huluplus(pay),Vudu(pay),AmazonPrime,CrunchyRoll,PBS,CBS,TBS,TNT,etc. And I have downloaded a few HD...
  10. IGonz

    iPad 5 to be thinner and lighter, could have iPad mini design specs

    Look like they need to change their ways.
  11. IGonz

    iPad 5 to be thinner and lighter, could have iPad mini design specs

    Never understood why some people worry about this sort of thing. Don't see the point. I read this on other apple forums. I just buy a product and enjoy it. If it becomes old,struggling,and difficult to function I upgrade. Such as my recent upgrade to the iPad 1 3G 64 to the iPad 4 LTE 32...
  12. IGonz

    Cover or not

    I just protect the body especially the corners. I'm very careful who I let use my Ipad. No kids. Really no reason for anyone to use my personal device anyway. Don't wear rings or anything.
  13. IGonz

    Question on ipad4 mail sound

    Check your mute button. Check sounds in your settings.
  14. IGonz

    Loses internet connection

    I had that problem last week. I remember an auto-join button I had to activate I think. Open your network page for your router in settings on Iphone/Ipad. Should be on the bottom. Then you should be ok.
  15. IGonz

    Rumor: iPhone 5S and iPad 5 to Launch Mid-2013

    Not really a drawback for them. It does the work. Automatically looks for friends in your contacts who has the app. Works on IOS,Android,BB,windows phone from what I understand. I don't know what kind of cell phone my friends have overseas but currently text back and fourth in at least 23...