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    Will restoring from iTunes remove the jailbreak on IOS 6.1.2?

    Thanks for the response guys.
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    Will restoring from iTunes remove the jailbreak on IOS 6.1.2?

    I have IOS 6.1.2 installed and have just jailbroken my iPad. Will I be able to restore from an earlier back up to save me having to reinstall the apps again or will this have the effect of removing the Jailbreak? Any advice would be useful.
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    Can I backup a a jailbroken iPad with iTunes

    Thanks for the quick response! This gives me more confidence jailbreaking. Looks like a whole new world out there waiting once I free the iPad.
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    Can I backup a a jailbroken iPad with iTunes

    I am just about to Jailbreak my iPad(3rd Gen) and was wondering if I can still use iTunes to backup and restore my Apps and config afterwards (non Cydia of course)? If that is the case, can someone advise on how I would backup seperately, the Cydia side of things? Any advice would be grateful.
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    Airplay mirroring, How to get it to use full screen on TV.

    I have the same problem and assumed that the aspect ration on an iPad is 4:3 and most widescreen TVs are 16:9. After many adjustments on the TV it did not make a difference. If anyone has a solution I would love to hear about it as well.
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    How to setup WebDAV on Windows Server 2003

    I have been trying to setup WebDav on a Windows 2003 server so that Apps such as PDF Expert and GoodReader can read and write to the folder location. Whilst it seems to work OK when using a Windows client, it does not seem to work for the iPad. Can anyone advise?
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    Sorry to dig this up again but, when using my iPad2 for an hour or so, the back gets warm but not as hot as say some laptops I have used in the past. Can anyone confirm if the back should remain cool and never even warm after long periods of use? I dont want to go back to the shop unless I...
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    File Manager GoodReader V iFiles

    I am torn between using iFiles and Goodreader as the default file manager for my iPad. Both do the same thing but with the following differences:- Goodreader Full PDF annotation Support for iCloud storage Full support for ios 5 iFiles Std document viewer only The only App I have seen that...
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    Charging problems.

    I have 2 iPads both on ios 5 both have the same charging issue. For me, I have to unplug and re plug for it to work (usually on a different socket) when in the office. When at home I get 100% success rate. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be great.
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    How to sync back apps purchased on the Ipad to iTunes

    Thanks Twerppoet, That's done the trick. The only thing that seem to go astray was my custom folders, other than that, all is well. Thanks again!
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    How to sync back apps purchased on the Ipad to iTunes

    Can someone advise on how I can Sync all the Apps I downloaded directly to the iPad back to the iTunes library? I am using a second computer which has iTunes installed. Whilst signed in with my Apple ID, I download an app from the store to the PC as a test. When I click on my iPad under the...
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    VPN Integration

    Thanks for the response. I managed to set it up using L2TP over IPSEC with a Pre shared secret for added protection. In terms of Enterprise connectivity, I did it for email (our Exchange server is LAN based only), RDP, Citrix and SMB file transfer. With Microsoft's grip, it will always be a...
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    VPN Integration

    Whilst I can connect to the office network using the Junos Pulse iPad client (to a backend Juniper SA2500 SSL VPN) I wonder if anyone has managed to setup a Windows server 2003 VPN using PPTP? I tried this already and whilst I managed to get a connection, I could not see anything on the actual LAN.
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    Problem advancing slide in Keynote

    I had a similar problem when the .ppt file came from a Windows PC. If you can connect your iPad to an external monitor, when you run the slideshow, you will see green and red icons on the iPad screen. It's there to indicate when the next slide is ready to be used next. Nothing wrong, just...
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    Licensing apps on muliple iPads in the Corporate environment

    Does Anyone know what the rules are with regard to licensing apps bought once from the App store but used on multiple devices in the workplace? I did see a guide regarding volume licences but that seems to only apply in the States and I am based in the UK. Any advice would be helpful.