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    iPad 3 Cases ???

    Cimo Case Based on the "intelligence?" found here, I bought the Cimo Smart Cover Compatible Back Cover Case for the New iPad from Amazon. It cost $14.97 including S&H. This case fits the iPad perfectly and works just as well with the Smart Cover. I have a white iPad, so I got the clear...
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    Can not sign up for mobile me

    Signing on to MobileME That worked for me also, Chaser. Evidently apple requires the same I>D> and password for all products. Thanks.
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    Can not sign up for mobile me

    Cannot Verify I am having the same problem as Lorrix. When I try to set up the MobileMe account, I get a message that says that they will send me a verify email; however the address that should be my email address is blank, and the email message never arrives. Since i cannot verify, the...
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    iPad for Business, connecting with the PC world

    Connecting with the PC Check out the Quickoffice and Dropbox apps. It's not the same as a laptop, but might give you some help. Good luck.
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    iPad Mail Question

    iPad Mail Thanks, jOyful. I guess, we will have to wait for an update to address this issue.
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    Drop Box To Pages ~

    Drop box compatible app Try Quickoffice. It interfaces with Word and Excel.
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    iPad Mail Question

    I have about 100 messages in my inbox. How can I delete them all at the same time without touching each one? Thanks
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    Send emails

    iPad and Comcast Rick, are you using iPad Mail? Try using the Safari browser and logging into Comcast's email Smart Zone program.