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Recent content by howhigh

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    Unresponsive icons

    I have been trying to jailbreak my new/used iPad1 today, to no avail. Now, more frustratingly, none of the icons on my second page of icons will work at all. They respond when I hit them with a brief flash but it ultimately stays on the same screen. I truly have little idea what I'm doing, and...
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    Please help Leslie

    Im having the same problem. Dd you ever figure out the solution? Thanks, Rob
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    brand new user of a used iPad1. need some basic help about syncing, etc...

    hi. i just bought a used ipad original on ebay and have spent a lot of today setting it up. that was easy enough but now i need some help. i thought that i could maybe get rid of my crappy lenovo laptop, but it looks like it may be my key to getting music, photos, and videos onto the ipad. no...