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    Wifi Tether a Motorola Droid to an iPad

    Anxious to hear Has anyone tethered thier Droid running 2.1 to the Ipad? Is there a way to do it without rooting? Thanks
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    Organizing Apps

    Good morning, I am already accumulating many apps for my new ipad, finding them sometimes is not easy. Is there a way to arganize them on the page by alphabetical order? Loving my ipad Thanks,
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    Syncinfg with Google contacts

    Good morning, I was wondering if there was a way to sync my Ipad contacts and calendar with google contacts and calendar? By the way, my Ipad is better than I could have oped for. Having alot of fun with it Thanks
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    Printing with the Ipad

    Hi guys, new to the forum and an anxiously awaiting Saturday. I have a pickup time at 10:30 AM. I have a wireless bluetooth HP printer, will I be able to print from anything I want from my ipad? Thanks