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    Best Cover, Carrying Case, & Screen Protection

    Ok so I finally have the money to buy a carrying case, screen cover/anti glare, and cover. Which ones are the best/cheapest? My fav cover is this one so far. iLuv Flexi-Dot Thin Transparent TPU Case For Apple iPad [ipad_tpu_iluv] - $14.95 : Cimo Cases, We ve got you covered
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    Keeps asking for WIFi settings

    mine does the same thing, dunno i heard it could be the dual band thing too.
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    Incorrect Wep Key? Drops Network?

    would not be be the router dying as my laptops do not have any problems with it. Yes it is a b/g
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    Incorrect Wep Key? Drops Network?

    Ok so ill connect to my wireless router, then ill have a great connection as I am 5-8 feet from my router. I will then spontaneously lose the connection and it will say incorrect password or wep key or w/e. Has anyone seen this problem or know how to fix it?
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    Hello 32Gig User from Indiana here

    Thank you for correcting me. Yea but html5 will take forever to be the main one used. It sucks that in computers and networks things take way to long to happen. Big example is were still waiting on ipv6
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    Hello 32Gig User from Indiana here

    Just bought the 32gig no 3g as ill tether my droid to it... Love it so far except for the no flash support, and the price... Hope we can find a way around the flash maybe get an app browser that has built in flash to view the content!
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    Top 10 iPad Games

    Pocket Legends! Its like Diablo hack in slash magic. friendly people fun pvp to come soon! Its FREE