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  1. HiLandR

    Dagi Stylus?

    My tip is flexible and it doesn't come with any cap, but it doesn't seem to need one IMO.
  2. HiLandR

    Game: Answer question with a question

    Are you Meatloaf?
  3. HiLandR

    Movie Quote Game

    Just saw this Gary, sorry> Sure, here goes: "This is what we fought all night to get back to?"
  4. HiLandR

    Dagi Stylus?

    Yes, it does, it's a soft clear plastic material. I see no scratching.
  5. HiLandR

    Microfiber cleaning cloth?

    I would like to see some with an Apple logo on them.
  6. HiLandR

    newbie from KSA but pure pinoy

    Welcome! It's a great community!
  7. HiLandR

    New Member

    Awesome, it's great to see people that have knowledge and aren't afraid to share! Welcome! :D
  8. HiLandR


    I think you will love it, no worries. Welcome!
  9. HiLandR

    IPad hardware failures

    Mine has been trouble free since I purchased it several months ago!
  10. HiLandR

    how to secure an iPad at launch

    I assume you mean a new iPad 2? With the one I have and some other iPhones that I have purchased, I found it easier to get the one I wanted online than trying to find it at the store. The store only had the stock it had and based on demand you could have to settle or wait for your choice...
  11. HiLandR

    Game: Answer question with a question

    Can a new guy get into this without derailing it?
  12. HiLandR

    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    Same here, unless we can get an iPad compatible usb version of a camera. I skype too much with this and would love to be able to view on iPad.
  13. HiLandR

    I Think Therefore I Am

    Welcome Bob! Have fun! :D
  14. HiLandR

    Question on 10 pin bowling game.

    That sounds like fun with two iPads!