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  1. Hdchiky

    Ipads on Sale : Post the best deals / coupons

    I just got my iPad air (32g wifi) at Target and got a $50 gift card. Chiky
  2. Hdchiky

    What time will IOS 6 come out

    Just completed updating the iPad, still uploading to the iPhone. Didn't seem like it took but maybe 15 minutes or so. I did it using a MiFi here at my desk at work. Chiky
  3. Hdchiky

    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    I voted, I upgraded from the first generation iPad (iPad 1). Didn't get the iPhone 4s, didn't get the iPad 2... So I could not take it any longer... Had to go get this New IPad! Love it so far... Chiky
  4. Hdchiky

    Hi everyone!

    Hey KatieBug... from another Alabamian.. I live in Birmingham! You certainly have found the best place to get information about your iPad and if you read the links listed above you will find tons of information. Just reading the forum, you will learn a lot. Have fun and enjoy! See you on the...
  5. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    in to green
  6. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    the gingerbread house
  7. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    diamonds on it
  8. Hdchiky

    Everything to do with XMAS!

    Hayles66 - I think it is great the way you are about Christmas. I think I have all of the same movies you do and it does not feel like Christmas if I do not get to watch most everyone of them at least once. I love the Hallmark Chrismas shows on TV too! I am older now, the kids are grown and...
  9. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    to put his
  10. Hdchiky

    Low Memory

    Tim, I see the same information on my iPad when you go in to Settings>About>Diagnostics & Usuage>Diagnostic & Usuage Data. If you have 'Automatically Send' checked you will see information here. I have a lot of stuff??? Not sure I probably should have 'Don't Send' checked. I don't think anything...
  11. Hdchiky

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    I've noticed that too... and I like to game, but... is there a thread designated for that?
  12. Hdchiky

    Three Word Story

    but what the...
  13. Hdchiky

    For those of you who DIDN'T have any problems upgrading to IOS 5.....

    Was out on vacation the week the update came out, didn't mind - hoping all the bugs would be gone and the upgrade would not be bogged down by so many applying it. So I applied it to my iPhone4 and 32g WiFi iPad 1 last Wednesday (10.19.11). Not sure how long it took as I started it (iPhone4) and...
  14. Hdchiky

    Creating photo album

    Tim, In fooling around with my iPad this weekend I discovered (new 0S loaded successfully) that I could create a new folder in my Photo Album. I also moved some photos in to it - all done on the iPad??? I did not have to do anything at the PC/MAC first. Just letting you know...
  15. Hdchiky

    Steve Jobs Passes Away

    So sad, so young! Such genius... condolences to his family and loved ones. Rest in peace, Steve! Chiky