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    Ipad Connection Kit

    I have an Ipad 1 and have use the IPad camera connection kit successfully several times. Today, when I tried downloading pictures from my camera I get a message Accessory unavailable the attached accessory uses too much power. Does anyone know what that means?
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    I recently purchased an HP 6500 plus wireless printer and after alot of hard work I got my main computer, my laptop, and my IPAD1 to recognize this printer wirelessly. The cool thing about it it the printer has an email address that allows you to send print jobs from anywhere. Everything works...
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    Does AirPrint work with IPAD1.
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    Copying DVD movie on to your Ipad

    I have an original DVD movie and find it impossible to transfer it to my IPad . It always fails because of write protection or similar. Is there a program that can copy an original DVD?
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    Problems with mail

    Thanks to all your responses. I feel that the best solution, if the problems persists, it to do as suggested and remove this account and start all over again. I was a bit afraid to do it no knowing what damage it would do to my old mail etc., but I suppose that if nothing else succeeds that's...
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    Problems with mail

    I've been using GMAIL as my mail on the the IPAD and generally things are okay. However, lately I've been getting the following message "CANNOT get mail The username and password is incorrect" . I can browse the internet and get into my gmail account via the internet I therefore can't...
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    IPAD with 3G capabilities

    Thanks to all the Posts I have a plan in Israel that allows me 1G for about $12 a month. I thank everyone for their speedy reply. I suppose after all your responses I'll keep it off when not in use. Are there any recommendations about recharging the battery, should a do it every evening...
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    IPAD with 3G capabilities

    The Ipad I have has 3G capabilities plus of course WIFI. In the setup of the IPAD, do I keep both of these ON or do I as a default leave the WIFI on and turn on the 3G when necessary?