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    downloading an attachment from email

    hello all, i was on my yahoomail and i was trying to download an attachment it was a jpeg file. clicked on the download file button but nothing happened. where can i find this file or did it even download?i dont know. i want to be able to view pictures ppl are sending me through attachments.
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    can't download 4.2, why?

    Thanks Northman, I will try this tonight.
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    can't download 4.2, why?

    hello all, Last night I tried to download 4.2 but in the middle of the download I get an error saying I was unable to download caused by internet connection please check settings and try again. I dont understand my internet speed is about 15 mbps but i think it could something else. please...
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    4.2 When?

    I heard 4.2 comes this Friday. iTunes 10.1 and OS X 10.6.5 Coming Tomorrow, iOS 4.2 On Friday at 10 AM PST
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    Ipad Owners are SNOBS!!!

    Those who think we are arrogant because we own an ipad are called haters. I love whn they hate because it makes me feel like i got something they want like having a gorgeous girlfriend of course you're going to have people look at you like u dont deserve it. -written from my ipad
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    Did you actually read the user guide/instructions when you got your iPad?

    Like everyone says "instructions?" Don't remember that part...just ipad, plugs, and a box.
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    Time Wasted to Copy/Paste...

    too much time on your hands...
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    Why is dailymotion so slow?

    Thanks Mike for your prompt response!
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    Why is dailymotion so slow?

    Hello all, Why are the videos on so slow it plays like 10 seconds then stops. I even downloaded the app from the AppStore and still slow. It's not as fast as YouTube or play as smooth as YouTube? Anyone else having this issue?
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    I got my iPad!!! :D

    Welcome! This is an incredible device! Enjoy!
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    Confused about authorizing ipad on itunes...

    Brand spanking new! I guess restore is the only option.
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    Confused about authorizing ipad on itunes...

    Hello all, I was using my PC as one of my connections for my ipad which authorized that computer. I then plugged it into my laptop and now it says I have authorized 5 of 5 computers. WTH is wrong here? Should I un-authorize all? and do a restore? What can I do to have it only authorized on my...
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    Anyone update to 3.2.1?? How is it?

    how do I know wifi improved? It's working perfectly with 3.2?
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    Anyone update to 3.2.1?? How is it?

    Hello all, I know most of you aren't doing it due to killing spirit and all, but those of you that have how is it like? Does anything change like better wifi connection? Is video playback a lot smoother? what are the advantages in updating the firmware? Sorry I did a search but no answers. Thanks!
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    I turn off auto brightness...I believe it drains the battery just slightly for me...