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    Connecting a ipad3 to a vacuum tube hifi equipment

    You have a respectable system for analog playback. But you've just opened a huge can of warm with your new iPad. First you must consider the music format before getting your music. Just like in the analog world, the quality varies a great deal. The best is the ripped SACD but takes a huge...
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    Ipad 3 out to Apple TV

    First world problem....
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    Shut Down Timer Help Please

    Hayles, How would Tunein allow you to "access your own music?" Can you shed some light? I don't even know Tunein Pro has this feature and couldn't find it anywhere.
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    Is the iPad 3 Camera Active all the time,? or only when being used.

    I never thought of it this way. But then I received an email a few days ago from my ISP claiming that there was an RIAA complaint against my web activity. Can't be too careful...
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    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    Guys don't read manual. We rely on our intuition...
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    Unlike the AMOLED which doesn't use back light, iPad's current retina LCD screen replies on LED to provide the light. As you increase the brightness, the LED consumes more power. I really cannot understand why people b*itch about battery depletion/usage while in the same time give their LED...
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    In case you haven't read it yet... Apple explains iPad battery indicator - The Washington Post
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    Nice to know some M/B have this near-useless feature... LOL With that said, I noticed that in my boost magic app charging sequence showed my iPad being charged at 3 different stages. First it was the standard fast+trickle charge to 100% as the iPad indicator also shows. But then it was...
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    Screen Seperation on iPad 3

    When you have a product that sell like hot cakes and with nearly 40% net profit margin, you can afford to be very accommodating...
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    Without taking any closer look, I've got a feeling that the OP was plugging in the USB port of the PC and assume it would charge just like the normal 10W power supply.
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    New Ipad (3rd Gen) camera quality prob

    I suggest you find some 3rd party camera software such as PowerCam or ZoomCam and try your frontal camera using them instead of the built-in camera app (which IMO simply stinks).
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    Windows explorer equivalent in Ipad?

    For photo management, Tex's suggestion is right on. The alternative could be PhotoManagerPro which I like a lot. However, there is nothing on iPad that is truely Explorer-like. I've tried FileExplorer which fairly close but still no cigar since it cannot associate any external application...
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    Smart covers?

    That's a well known Apple conspiracy within the Apply community. It was meant for the older folks (read:more loaded) to dish out more money.
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    Third iPad3 with assorted issues

    Not yet, I suppose
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    iTunes Wireless Sync problem

    Actually in your case you should have a good chance to get it back to work. Here are some tricks that I've gathered (excluding the ones that I've tried but didn't work according to Apple Support Forum). Priorities as the following -- 1. Disable all firewall and see if the problem is still...