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    USB Charging.......AHAAHHHHHHHHH!

    Same Problem -try a Csquid I had the same problem with my PC and iPad. I found a solution - it's called a CSquid cable. The info on it's website specifically talked about being able to solve this problem. Found it on Amazon and it works great!
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    Charging from pc I had the same trouble with my laptop. Found a cable that worked really well..called a Csquid.
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    New to iPad

    Hello all! I'm new to the iPad and a first-time Apple buyer (but long-time fan)! I love using the iPad - I carry it with me everywhere (when I can wrestle it away from my teenage sons)! Looking forward to chatting with other iPad fans.
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    Battery charging

    I just got my iPad - had the same problem with it not charging on my HP laptop. I tried out a new cable called Csquid - it worked great. I can charge using my laptop, even when it's in standby mode. Love it!
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    charging issues

    Csquid If it helps - I was having the same trouble. My iPad would not charge from my HP laptop when I used the cable that come with the iPad. A friend of mine told me about a new USB charging cable called the Csquid. It worked great - allowing me to charge in a "green" mode or I can use it...