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Recent content by gritts

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    Fix for sky go app ios7 jailbreak ?

    Anyone know of a fix for sky go app as it's not allowing me to view after jailbreak,Cydia fully updated etc but looks like it's the same problem when I jailbroke the last time on ios6 ????
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    ios 7 jailbreak problem i think with email reply button ?

    hi,as to be expected theres a few glitches with this jailbreak as ive just come accross one i think,my arrow on reply email keeps crashing back to my main screen ? has anyone got this problem ? im on jailbreak with ipad air & ive updated to the new cydia substrate etc in cydia & checked on my...
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    5.1 jailbreak for my new ipad 2 ?

    thanks buddy for the info :)
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    5.1 jailbreak for my new ipad 2 ?

    hi,just got a shiny new ipad 2 and was wondering what jailbreak solutions there is ?? the ipad is on 5.1 9b176
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    help with hdmi ?

    hi,ive got the original apple av cable for my ipad 1 that works with tv out & was wondering if the new av cable with hdmi plug in will make much of an improvement picture wise ? the av cable at the moment is a good picture but will the hdmi plug in be better ?