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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    I am fully aware of the substance of the update, I'm talking about the direction. If I bought a Nook, I assume I wouldn't be able to read Kindle books on it, and vice-versa ... But I thought iPad was above the fray, hence the flexibility of the apps. I hope I don't eventually turn out to be...
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    No more buying books for Kindle app on ipad/iphone

    I agree... We're reading books, for crying out loud. I see this as a step toward monopolizing what Apple will allow me to read. What's to say Apple's next step won't be to require 30% royalty for even downloading a book onto my iPad? (straight from the web) The problem is that iBooks has such a...
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    IBooks vs. Kindle vs. Nook apps

    I use iBooks, Kindle, and Nook for different books (to me, they're similar enough that it's like comparing HD TVs -- 6 of one, half-dozen of another), but I'd like to settle on one and roll into my future e-library from there. Any thoughts on that? This new "no buying directly through an app...
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    Hi, I'm new, I'm Don, I have had an iPad for almost a year now ... And I finally decided that since I have used this site/app many times as a guest, I might as well join. I use my stock iPad (1) for just about everything, it seems (evernote, dropbox, penultimate, seem to be what I use most...