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  1. gjperera

    iPad 4.2 GM Crashing Windows 7 Applications

    Strange...did you update to iOS4.2? I have a similar situation, 4GB RAM, Windows 7, and a ton of pictures (around 550) and don't have that same problem you are reporting. Did you say you upgraded? Clean install or upgrade? Thanks.
  2. gjperera

    iOS 4.2 GM - 8C134b

    Have you tried printing from the device already? You don't really enable AirPrint, the only thing you need to do is make sure that your Windows 7 or Mac has a shared printer attached. I am able to print to a 3 year old HP AIO printer just fine using this method. The iPad will automatically list...
  3. gjperera

    Returning the iPad

    At the end of the day the refurb unit is probably scrutinized more than the new unit. I've gotten iPhone refurb's before and honestly there is not telling the difference between new and refurb units.
  4. gjperera

    iPad 4.2 GM Crashing Windows 7 Applications

    My issues with crashing were also resolved as well.
  5. gjperera

    Streaming music to Audio Receiver

    The Apple TV Outputs to HDMI AND Optical if you output the optical to your receiver, I think you'll get what you want.
  6. gjperera

    4.2 When?

    How could I forget folders? I guess I'm so used to them on the iPhone that I took them for granted on the iPad. You are right it is one of those essential updates. ;) I think we can all agree on the OCD part...
  7. gjperera

    iPad 4.2 GM Crashing Windows 7 Applications

    This is what I have been doing...I ended up creating a share of the Apps on my network to be able to access them between the Mac and PC ;) What applications are crashing on your end? I also run 64bit 7. I wonder if this has to do with the AirPrint being taken to the chopping block?
  8. gjperera

    iPad 4.2 GM Crashing Windows 7 Applications

    You got iTunes 10.1 for Windows? Where's that. The Dev portal only lists 10.1 for Mac?! Thanks.
  9. gjperera

    Zaggmate Brings Laptop Goodness to the iPad

    I was able to play with it at the event and it is really nice. The keyboard feels great and the overall accessory is pretty solid. I'm looking forward to add it to my traveling bag ;)
  10. gjperera

    iPad 4.2 GM Crashing Windows 7 Applications

    Anyone out there experiencing issues with applications crashing in Windows 7 when the iPad (iOS 4.2GM/Beta) is plugged in? Since Beta 2, I've been experiencing issues with two applications crashing, SnagIt Editor and Windows Live Writer. They both crash each and every time I plug in the iPad...
  11. gjperera

    4.2 When?

    I think that the biggest gain here is Multitasking, the ability to search webpages, unified inbox, and that's about it. AirPrint is great, but when was the last time you actually printed something? AirPlay is awesome but we don't know if video streaming will make it this Friday, let alone...
  12. gjperera

    4.2 When?

    You are right, AirPlay was not mentioned in the email, but it works with APTV...just the audio for now...we need that darn update to APTV for video...I hope.
  13. gjperera

    iOS 4.2 beta version issues - Read before posting about locked iOS 4.2 restore

    GM works great, there are still some apps that keep crashing, but by release date most of the popular apps will probably have updates by then.
  14. gjperera

    Installing Android on the iPad

    Dual boot would be nice, how about running iOS on one of those new Android tablets? That should be interesting.
  15. gjperera

    Zaggmate Brings Laptop Goodness to the iPad

    I was at CES Unveiled today and one of the items that impressed me the most was the Zaggmate from Zagg. It is essentially a Bluetooth keyboard, stand, and case combined. It rocks, the folks at Zagg said it would be ready for the holiday season and it would run for $99. Do you all think it's too...