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    Ipad reset question.

    I have an iPad 1 that I want to give to a friend. If I do a reset--erase all content and settings--will the iPad lose the IOS updates that I have done or will it stay at version 5.0.1? Thanks
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    App store problems

    Anyone else having problems getting the app store to work this morning? Been trying for a good while now and keep being asked for password and then credit card info over and over. Wonder if maybe they are down and getting ready for release of Lion OS. Everything worked fine last night. Thanks.
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    Apple has Massive Plans for MobileMe Revamp

    They need to do something with MobileMe. I think it is the most expensive and boring service I have ever used. I will not pay for it again.
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    Gmail - NOT!!!!

    My Gmail works just fine.
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    verizon vs ATT

    I recently got a Verizon Droid 2 with the 3G Hotspot and will discontinue AT&T at the end of this month. AT&T service for my iPad is routinely poor in this rural area while the Verizon 3G is always 4 bars. The 3G Hotspot on the Droid is not perfect however as it does seem to cut itself off...
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    ZooGue Case Review

    This may have been asked before but will this case fit in the Griffin A-frame stand? I use the Griffin on my desk but really think the Zoogue is a nice looking case. Think it might make a better permanent home for my iPad. Using the Apple iPad case now which fits the Griffin but is overall...
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    Portrait or Landscape?

    Landscape almost exclusively with button on left. I do not handle mine very much as I got one of the Griffin stands and leave it on there.
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    Time keeps changing

    Yep, same thing here. Sunday it was off by about 7 to 8 minutes. Right now it is off by about 3 minutes.
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    Few bars.. :(

    I have finally accepted the fact that my AT&T tower is not very near and just installed my Wi-Ex base station very near my desk and the primary place where I use my iPad. I get a consistent 4-5 bars and at least as good as dial-up speed using just cellular. It is good enough to allow me...
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    Few bars.. :(

    I purchased the YX 510 as well and have been pretty disappointed. It only works if I place the indoor unit near my desk where I keep my iPad most of the time. There is absolutely no increase in signal in other parts of the house (it claims a radius of 2500 square feet). I do get 5 bars much...
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    Signal boosters

    Hey Ron. Thanks for the recommendation. Actually after researching the YX-510 last night I ordered it and from Amazon. It will be here this afternoon. I will let you know how well it works for me.
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    I would never give mine up. Thinking of buying one for a friend.
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    Signal boosters

    Living in the woods I know I will probably never have real 3G signal quality but what about the signal boosters such as Wi-Ex z-boost? Anyone have experience with these gadgets. I am getting a solid 3 bars on my iPad but 5 would be a lot better. Any opinions?
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    Cannot get cellular data account to complete

    Update. Thanks to the article that figmo10 made available I finally got my AT&T service started. Granted it is not very fast out here in the woods but it is there and now I feel like my iPad is finally complete. I did just what the article suggested...went to Walmart and got a Visa Debit Gift...
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    Cannot get cellular data account to complete

    I might try the prepaid Visa or MC. I also have read that AT&T will not authorize if you are not in 3G area. As for the iPad...I love it. Using the WiFi here at home it is just an amazing little machine. I would like to be able to take it with AT&T and I will go at it again tomorrow.