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    WordPress Announces iPad-Optimised View

    You like it. I don't. We're even. Over on the Wordpress blog post about it, others have noted some of the problems I'm having as well as other problems. My solution is to not read blogs that implement it until it is fixed or I can opt out of it. I'm not jumping through hoops to read someone's...
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    WordPress Announces iPad-Optimised View

    Clearing the cache only possibly helped the crash on rotate. The other complaints persist. All I ask is that users have a choice just like they do with Wordpress on the iPhone where I can choose a setting and see the full site. I think Onswipe is clunky and ugly, beyond my initial usability...
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    WordPress Announces iPad-Optimised View

    I frequent a Wordpress blog that implemented Onswipe. It eliminates pinch and zoom, crashes when I rotate my iPad, and will not allow me to position my cursor or override autocorrect in a reply. I did not try to copy or paste in a reply but I would be surprised if that worked. I dislike the...
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    iPad1 owners: Will you upgrade to iPad2?

    At the moment I'd be looking to spend $300 if I sold my original iPad and then made up the difference to buy an equivalent iPad2. It is just not worth it to me after less than a year's use (got mine May 7, 2010). In a couple of years, I'll update to the latest and greatest at that time.
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    Best ipad game?

    My three favorite game on the iPad are Angry Birds, Risk, and Sudoku.
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    Ipad vs laptop

    My laptop is sitting dusty in the corner since I got my iPad.
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    Mute or Rotation Lock?

    With iOS 4.3 we now have the choice to either set our iPad's switch that was originally a rotation lock, and then became a mute switch, to the one we prefer. Which will it be for you?
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    'Sigh' My rant.

    To those who don't like iPads: the iPad is what it is. I've had mine since May, I use it each and every day. I also take it on trips in place of the laptop I used to drag along. If you want flash, no an iPad is not for you. I don't mind missing all the flash garbage out there. If you want...
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    I got mine the first week of May (missed the 3G release day, but was only a few days late). I love it. I take it to bed at night and read. I usually check weather and news before I roll out of bed. I keep it handy throughout the day. I no longer take a notebook computer on trips. It is a...
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    The 4.2 Update killed my iPAD - Need help

    Windows 7 Pro x64 here. iPad 3G 64. My iPad update was in the final stage, and the white bar was 98% (eyeballing it, there is no numeric meter). It appeared to hang there. I decided to go to bed. When I woke up in the morning my iPad was updated and everything was fine. I don't know what...
  11. G Apple TV GiveAway

    Why should I win and Apple TV? Why shouldn't I win! I'm a nice person. I help my friends set up their new iPads. If I wond I'd invite my neighbors to see my Apple TV, and they'd all want one and Apple stock would go up! If I win, everyone wins ;-).
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    I need God Finger friends

    Please add me: gailla
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    Hello/ Marware Case/E-Mail Question

    Hi nsgod. I don't have that case. Just curious. Is that really padding or is it packing material? With some quality products, sometimes the packing is as nice as the product. Welcome to the forum.
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    Hi. Glad you are enjoying your iPad.
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    Vandy has found you!

    Welcome! Glad you are enjoying your iPad.