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  1. GadgetGeek71

    Putting emails in trash can

    Just to clarify, you are deleting a email, it appears in the trash can, then reappears in the inbox?
  2. GadgetGeek71

    More than one computer

    Also, you can sync your iPad with 3 computers
  3. GadgetGeek71

    email ipad security question

    I've never heard of an app that will do that. Did she try the same thing with gmail or some other email provider?
  4. GadgetGeek71

    ios5 install

    Same here. iPhone and iPad.
  5. GadgetGeek71

    iPad and using MS word (or similar)?

    as far as the web browser, check out Atomic Web Browser Sent from my iPad iPad
  6. GadgetGeek71

    iPad and using MS word (or similar)?

    I use Documents To Go ans save most of my documents on Dropbox. There, i can access the document on my ipad, iphone and pc. Sent from my iPad iPad
  7. GadgetGeek71

    iPad owners average age

    Will be 40 in 1 month
  8. GadgetGeek71

    Tricky problem with outlook contacts

    Check out an app called AllSync
  9. GadgetGeek71

    Trying to decide iPad2 or not?

    I use my iPad2 daily at work. I use it for forecasting, scheduling and note taking. I even modify various schematics (PDF) with GoodReader. I'm not sure why the salesperson told you to go with the Galaxy for business purposes and ignored the iPad's capabilities.
  10. GadgetGeek71

    For all IPad 2 users

    9 - I never rate anything a 10...other than my wife. :p Love ya babe!
  11. GadgetGeek71

    Hello from Florida!

    Hello from Northeast Florida! Sent from my iPad iPad
  12. GadgetGeek71

    Ipad vs Android

    My thoughts are the exact opposite. I'm not a Apple freak and I won't bash Android but, Apple products are far more user friendly to the common user. Sent from my iPad iPad
  13. GadgetGeek71

    Sugestions for next ipad

    ATM machine and coffee maker. Sent from my iPad iPad
  14. GadgetGeek71

    New IPad won't rotate to Horizontal View

    If the lock is turned off and you don't have any apps running that requires the horizontal view, I would consider taking the iPad back and get a new one.
  15. GadgetGeek71

    What was your first car and favourite car ever!

    Sent from my iPad iPad