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Recent content by Gabi

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    Yeah, it shouldn't be like that ...
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    Audi A1 Beat Driver Zooms Onto iPad

    Looks good.
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    Man Uses his iPod touch and MobileMe to Find Lost iPad

    Great story indeed.
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    Is Apple stock set to go to $350 by years end?

    Hmm, maybe it will get there, but maybe it won't ... the stock market.
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    Formula One Car Crash Video

    Formula One Car Crash Video Wow, quite amazing that he walks away after that ...!
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    Repetitive Strain!!!

    I had that happen to me.... just take a break.
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    Lips Size and Love

    Yeah, they will tell it right :)
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    Traveling with ipad

    I traveled with my iPad twice and didn't have any problems.
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    Top 10 iPad Apps according to Wired

    Yeah, seems reasonable.
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    Lips Size and Love

    For a bit of an interesting change of subject ... Lips And Love Lips Size and Love Prediction
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    We Farm

    We Farm is good, still waiting for We City ... :)
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    Angry Birds HD Gets A Major iPad Update

    Hmm, never tried it yet...
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    It is still my favorite :)
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    iPad came in today, worth the wait

    Ah, I remember the day I got mine... a happy day :)