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Recent content by fstbusa

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    Jailbreak help!

    Try doing it multiple times. A co-worker needed to do it 3 times before it worked
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    ABSINTHE jailbreak stuck after tapping Absinthe icon on iPad, VPN configuration error

    One of my co-workers had this happen. Had to run it 3 times before it worked.
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    After Jailbreaking my iPad, it now reboots with a different layout and resolution

    Another workaround.... I have the same issue. The only fix I've found is to create a file called "com.saurik.mobilesubstrate.dat" without the quotes and put it in /var/mobile/library/preferences Then reboot and respring and it should be back to normal. The only problem is EVERYTIME you...
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    my cydia is messed up help!!!!!!

    I accidentally did the same thing. I scoured the net for tutorial on how to install cydia manually. Couldn't come up with one. Ended up restoring 5.01 and re-jailbreaking. Good luck!
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    Ipad2 as a Second Monitor?

    I use air display at the office for my 3rd monitor for exclusively displaying my outlook email.
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    Quick Question

    Yes if you don't want to pay Verizon, you need to be rooted to tether any computer to your droid.
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    Writing on the ipad

    You mean to write on a different app? Not sure I follow what you need. Bamboo paper is a good writing app if that's what you are looking for.
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    Searching for a handwriting to speech app

    Edit, wrong program.