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  1. FrostyFire

    Would anyone buy decals?

    Durrr I can't believe I didn't think of that, I have a case myself LOL. Oh well, guess it's a swing and a miss on this idea! :o
  2. FrostyFire

    Would anyone buy decals?

    We're all iPad enthusiasts here.....figured might as well honour that by making up a decal. I ride motorcycles and made up a dye cut vinyl decal for our local forum, and people absolutely loved them. I also make dye cut vinyl wheelies4kids decals that people can't seem to get enough of. [...
  3. FrostyFire

    An iPad campus

    I work in IT for a University....and I can't believe how many STUPID people I'm surrounded by who have Masters and PhD degrees. :confused:
  4. FrostyFire

    Is it illegal to ask questions??

    Wikipedia, only the truth allowed. :confused:
  5. FrostyFire

    Apple computers in Hollywood

    I find it funny when they cover the Apple logo in movies/TV people can't spot a mac product.
  6. FrostyFire

    Anti-Virus For ipad, Really Necessary?

    There could be ones that you wouldn't even know they were there.
  7. FrostyFire

    Buying the iPhone 4???

  8. FrostyFire

    Anti-Virus For ipad, Really Necessary?

    I don't know what's worse, considering an anti-virus product on a closed platform or not having one on Windows Vista. Either way, this is a face palm moment.
  9. FrostyFire

    How does the 10W Power Adapter work

    I can't believe this is an actual problem.
  10. FrostyFire


    Power means nothing if it can't go around a corner! :D What do I know....I'm just jealous. Nice car :) .
  11. FrostyFire

    Is it illegal to ask questions??

    Hacking is a loose term anyway..... Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done is a good example.
  12. FrostyFire

    Is it illegal to ask questions??

    WTF? That's pretty weird that you contact the people. :confused:
  13. FrostyFire

    Java 4 Ever

    Hahaha! This is pretty well done. JavaZone 2010 :D
  14. FrostyFire

    Motorcycles! (take that you cagers)

    Little bit of a shameless plug over here.....any of you bike guys interested in getting a funny decal for your bike, check out Wheelies4kids - Learn to wheelie, buy decals and support a great cause! :D .