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  1. freebirdforever

    Suspicious battery status

    Could always take it to a repair shop (Experimax, UBREAKIFIX, etc). We do batteries at my repair shop for $99 for the iPad Pro 9.7. Could be worth a shot. Definitely cheaper than replacing the unit.
  2. freebirdforever

    iPAD Pro screen unresponsive

    Its over 2 years old, Apple at this stage will most likely tell you to get a replacement. I recommend finding a local repair shop to diagnose the issue. UBREAKIFIX or Experimax are highly recommended if you have one in your area.
  3. freebirdforever

    Best case for the iPad Pro?

    I still prefer the ZAGG SlimBook keyboard case to anything else I've tried.
  4. freebirdforever

    Just bit the bullet

    I highly recommend the ZAGG SlimBook line over the Smart Keyboard, IMO a much better device. But thought you might like something else to look into :D
  5. freebirdforever

    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    Got mine a couple months ago. Absolutely LOVE it. Has changed the way I do business, even more so than my original iPad did in 2010 and my iPad 3 did a few years after that. Can't wait to take this with me to LA for E3 2016. It's going to be amazing! Going to try and shoot videos directly on...
  6. freebirdforever

    Can the iPad replace the desktop or laptop?

    At the original posting of this thread, there were no options like multitasking on iPad (This thread originated in 2010).
  7. freebirdforever

    iPad to iPad mirroring

    Twerp poet got there before I could. I was going to suggest the exact same thing. I suggest exactly what he has said.
  8. freebirdforever

    Do you use Yandex browser on your ipad?

    Never heard of it, but I will look into it. What makes it better or different/faster than Chrome? I'm curious.
  9. freebirdforever

    Guess who's baaaaaaaaack!

    Hey all, long time no see! Got myself a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. A HUGE upgrade from my iPad 3 I had for years, and makes working and writing incredibly easy. How has everyone been? I've seen a few familiar faces I recognize and a lot I don't! Haha. I hope everyone is...
  10. freebirdforever

    iOS 7 beta (developer here)

    Hey all, newest developer here (marketing manager for a local company) been a member of the forum, but I want to know if there was any information on when/where/how to get the access to the developer beta? I've never been involved with something like this before and wanted to get in on that...
  11. freebirdforever

    What I see in my backyard...

    I always wanted a life on the water......-.-
  12. freebirdforever

    The Simpsons Tapped Out

    Utrru or utrru007