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  1. Fred K Gordon

    Silver Surfers life extended

    Hi long time since I have replied. I can now print to my HP Envy 110 e all in one printer from iMac and iPad2 . So if you have said accradabra for me thanks you very much. Also as it getting near to Xmas Have a merry Xmas and a prosperous new year. My present from my family is a new iPhone5 so...
  2. Fred K Gordon

    How many iPad users are iPhone users as well?

    I have the first gen iPhone it goes everywhere with me. The iPad is good for browsing and photos.My iPhone is used for a few txts and is my lifeline in the case of when my car breaks down.both my wife and I are in our mid 70s and need the phones to keep in sync with each other. Her phone is a...
  3. Fred K Gordon

    Silver Surfers life extended

    Hi Fello members nice to be part of a forum thats devoted to Apple Mac and its powerfull companions. I am a elderly "robot" who has just migrated from the "windows" platform and quite honestly i am finding the learning curve a mite exasperating. My main interests these days is photography...