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    iOS 6 to Launch September 19

    hi, I found a FREE App from Google of the =Google MapsStreet View = BUT, I can't download it because my Account is not registered in Germany!
  3. frankfel

    iOS 6 to Launch September 19

    Hi, I used the update to iOS 6 his week. Now I find that the iTunes and App Store addresses have changed from the UK (England) to Germany. When I first used these stores and set up an Account I was able to select which store I wanted and I choose the UK. I live in Germany but I'm a UK citizen...
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    Need help with hiding mail icon

    ' Hi I want to be able to lock some apps and I was happy to find this POST, especially the bit ..... 'Settings', 'General', 'Restrictions' (Here you will have to enter the existing 'passcode' or create a new one if you've not got any restrictions set) When I went to this site I found that I...
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    Remove app from menu page iPad 2 16 gb

    ================== PS.saturday 16th June 2012 No problem removing icon ...see above..the program app,, however, remains. Downloading the same app brings the program, with problem, back. THE GOOD NEWS!, the program resets to normal service quite soon. My thanks to all who showed an interest...
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    How many Brits on here?

    Hi I'm new to this ..... Late as usual! I'm a "Woollyback" from south Lancs.... Retired.. Now living in suburbs of Strasbourg. Love fish and chips & mushy peas !? OK? Drink a pilsner these days .. or a whiskey. Frank ... Aka ... Frankfel
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    Remove app from menu page iPad 2 16 gb

    Hi Many thanks! I vaagguelly Remember this! I am taking the tablets! Frank .. Aka frankfel
  8. frankfel

    Remove app from menu page iPad 2 16 gb

    Hi I have an ipad2 16gb and have downloaded TuneIn 10 days ago. Until today it ran fine but now will not connect with my presets. TuneIn support does not connect and settings in iPad seem to be normal. I tried removing my presets and resetting without success. I can listen to my...
  9. frankfel

    TV live on iPad 2?

    Hi I watch tv live with iPlayer on laptop and would like to view on my iPad using "Expat Shield". Any ideas please frankfel
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    Hi I'm a complete beginner to iPad but look at my pic and you see an old cat! I must be a slow learner.. It took two visits and a few ,?, false starts to find this page. I'm looking forward to joining in the talk in the forum Regards to All