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    running android on an iPad?

    Is it possible to run Android on a jailbroken iPad?
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    iPad air temperature

    How hot does the iPad air get when gaming, or during extended use?
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    iPad addict joins the site

    I was one of the guys waiting in line on day one when the first iPad came out. Since then, I have purchased the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Air, and my daughter has an iPad mini. Ironically, we have no other Apple products in our household. I look forward to chiming in from time to time!
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    FaceTime vs Skype

    for me it's none of the above. I prefer Google Hangouts!
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    Help me decide iPad mini or iPad air ??? i can't make up my mind

    Depends how large of a screen you want. That's the main difference at this point. Comparable power, and both have retina displays.