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  1. erniepru

    how do i backup my ipad to a new computer in itunes

    i just got a new computer and i haven't got faintest idea on how to back up my ipad to itunes. I installed itunes and it shows me my music library but no pictures, books or apps that i have on my pad3. What do i have to do to get the ipad backed up on this computer. I was able to back it up with...
  2. erniepru

    case lock/unlock button

    It is in the case and is not under auto lock and restrictions. The case does have the sleep magnets but does not put the pad to sleep. All I have is auto lock and restrictions. No case cover turn on/off. nothing in the restrictions.
  3. erniepru

    case lock/unlock button

    Where in settings is the case/unlock on/off button? On my IPad 3 it was there under the lock/unlock in settings. IPad Air doesn't have this. How do I get my screen to turn off when my case is closed? Thank you.
  4. erniepru


    Can I transfer (copy) all my IPad 3 content to a new IPhone 5 and how do I do it? By all content I mean apps. photos, music from ITunes etc. I don't want to lose any content on my IPad. Also T Mobile will be getting the IPhone but will not have wi-fi in the beginning. They have a good network...
  5. erniepru

    iOS 6 to Launch September 19

    If downloading iOS 6 will my all my apps that I have on my iPAD now remain or will I have to get them all over again?