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  1. Elizellen

    Looking to share audio and video on Zoom meetings - need help!

    It was good to see that you are still here J.A.! I have been trying to follow the instructions on the Zoom help link you gave for a few weeks but with no success - can never get a level of sound high enough for participants in my zooms to hear! But I will keep trying and if I find a solution...
  2. Elizellen

    Looking to share audio and video on Zoom meetings - need help!

    I am pretty sure you have to be Host or Co-Host to share screen
  3. Elizellen

    Looking to share audio and video on Zoom meetings - need help!

    Hello all! I used to post a fair bit here when I got my original iPad in 2010 and mini1 a year or so later and have been managing to do all I need without bothering you experts until recently. However after many google searches for a solution to my current dilemma I suddenly came across an old...
  4. Elizellen

    could recharging problem be caused by this cold weather?

    My apologies if this has already been covered but I am low on battery and so not much time to browse the forums to find a similar thread. this last week my mini ipad (original model so fairly old now) has not recharged consistently and the last couple f days has not recharged at all despite me...
  5. Elizellen


    I use my Mini 1 when out and about as well as at home. I also use my original iPad (bought June 2012) for stuff that doesn't need an up to date app like reading books, playing audiobooks, emails, playing card games etc as I prefer the larger screen and keeyboard when in bed without my contact...
  6. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Thank you for that tip - it explains why she has only intermittent success!! I will pass that info on to her.
  7. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Just reporting back! It took a while for my friend to get the hang of using a one finger swipe up to access the control centre, but she got there in the end. I also showed her how to use a 4 finger swipe to see all open apps, but she is still trying to master that consistently!!
  8. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Thank you J.A. for the clear instruction. You are a star!! And thank you Lanny - as you guessed - I did not know how to access the control center but now I do!
  9. Elizellen

    iPad 2017 How to lock/unlock screen rotation?

    Hi all! My friend (who will shortly turn 85) has been given a new iPad 2017 by her son after her old one had problems and cannot find how to make the screen rotate from portrait to landscape. It is set in portrait mode, which means that when she watches TV or films the picture is small. The new...
  10. Elizellen

    iPad Mini 1 upgraded to iOS 9 - will it slow down?

    I have a Mini 1 and was intending not to update the IOS for fear of having problems due to the old hardware. However, though I am sure I have always told it not to upgrade, I must have clicked awry a few days ago as it now is on IOS 9.3.5!! I have not noticed any problems yet apart from it...
  11. Elizellen

    Today is my 6th year with iPad forums.

    Thank you to all the administrators and moderators who have deftly flielded all the questions about iPad problems over the past 6 years. Though I did not register here till July 2011 I was already "lurking" using the old app from 2010 to learn from others' questions and responses as I learned to...
  12. Elizellen

    Will jailbreaking iPad 1 enable it to run iOS 9?

    I use the native "mail" app on my iPad1 to access an assortment of email addresses. Have you tried adding your gmail account to Mail via the Settings page?
  13. Elizellen

    Mini2 losing emails and apps

    As for your IPF app - it doesn't work any more, hasn't for several years now if I remember correctly. Some people use Tapatalk to access the forum.
  14. Elizellen

    Replace digitizer/ touch screen

    I bashed my original mini against a wall (reading as I walked) and have cracks spreading across one corner from near the home button. I just covered the cracks with clear parcel tape and it has worked OK for over a year.
  15. Elizellen

    Shipping Speed?

    Wow - that was fast!!