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    Hi scifan57, Can I ask a question regarding the Applecare for iPad 4 and iPhone 5. I'm here...

    Hi scifan57, Can I ask a question regarding the Applecare for iPad 4 and iPhone 5. I'm here located at Philippines, how can I apply for the Applecare? I saw a video of Applecare enrolling in Apple website but it's unclear for me. Can you help me for this one?
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    Broken Charger (iPad4)

    Question. I accidentally broke my iPad USB Cable, and the metallic pin stock inside my iPad and I can't remove it. Is it possible that Apple can remove it? I can pay amount for the labor and other related fees. :)
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    Applecare for iPad4

    Another question. If the iPad is deeply drained, how long it will be charge and open? :)
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    Applecare for iPad4

    @tlbaker Superb! I want to know more about iPads and iPhones. I am really excited to work as tech/IT of iPad and iPhone. @J. A. If the fault is with user (drop and break the LCD, or gets wet), that is not include with the AppleCare, am I right? :) But when it comes to enlargement or the...
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    Applecare for iPad4

    @J. A. AppleCare, in an easy word, is the extension of warranty for 2 years, is it right? For example, my iPad 4 with enrolled AppleCare occur an LCD problem. Does it mean that my iPad 4 will be replace with new iPad 4? How about the accessories (cable and adapter), is the AppleCare covers it...
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    Applecare for iPad4

    Hi J.A. I have an iPad4. The warranty will last only until November 2014. If I avail the Applecare, what is the package of it? Will it covers the iPad itself? Cable and Adapter? And also the Applecare+. I am confuse about the Applecare apple website. :(
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    Applecare for iPad4

    Hello! I need help regarding the Applecare concern. Please, feel free to response to my post. Thank you.