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    Connecting wifi issue

    i have my iPad 3 for over 2 years now and it used to connect to Southwest wifi every time I fly with no issue. I am an A-List Preferred so I get free wifi every trip. I notice lately I am having a very difficult time connecting to Southwest on board wifi but nowhere else. Not in hotels, not at...
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    Strange icon next to the power display

    Thank you so much for everyone's input!!
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    Strange icon next to the power display

    My wife noticed an icon she never seen before showed up this evening on her iPad. The icon looks like a lock with a circular arrow around it. Have anyone seen this icon before and where is it coming from? Should it be something she should be concerned with? I know it is not much to go by and I...
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    iOS 7 - first impressions

    My upgrade was a breeze, all in all 10 minutes and I was on my way. My impression of the IOS 7 is neutral but not very keen on the look. I attribute that from looking at the IOS 5 and 6 for the last two years so this is a "culture shock" but I think it will eventually grow on me. I did have...
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    Why Apple, why????

    Marylyn. Before the upgrade there was Message on the phone. After the upgrade, only iMessage and even my phone number is checked as my primary number everything goes to the iCloud account which is on my iPad. My wife is deaf so it is the only way we communication when we are not at home. Apple...
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    Why Apple, why????

    Since I upgraded to IOS 7 now I cannot receive IM on my phone!!!!! People used to send me IM to my phone number now goes to my iPad. The only way to receive IM is to have them send to my to my iCloud account. Is there a way to correct that? This whole upgrade is one big mess!!!!! Keep it up...
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    My Problems Since Upgrading.

    The problem I see so far since the upgrade: - My mail box crashed twice. - I have 3,500 old mails in my Inbox. - The deleted mails keep coming back. - Many apps no longer work (that I believe developers have not caught up with IOS 7 yet). - Don't like the look of IOS 7.
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    Is there an iPad 4???!!

    So what is the difference between 3rd generation and the iPad 4? Besides the plug? Any reason to move to the 4?
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    Sharing book

    I recently purchased a book from and downloaded to my iPad 3. My wife is also interested to read the book but she uses an iPad 2 and she has her iTune account. Is there a way I can share the book with her without letting her use my IPad 3? I would much prefer she has her own copy on...
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    Fixed it myself. For whatever reason the device added all the contacts from Face Book without my input. To fix it, I opened Contacts, then Group. Uncheck All Facebook. What I really like to know is how the application checked that feature for me??
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    Power consumption

    Nothing changed nor anything new. It was the same iPad 3 with the same applications except it used to last all day with one charge (I am a heavy user from surfing web to doing my work related activities) but since the IOS upgrade, my battery is drained by mid-day and have to recharge in order...
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    I upgraded my iPhone to IOS6 and not sure if it has anything to do with it but now I have EVERY contacts from Face Book in my phone!! And I cannot delete any of them. How do I get rid of those contacts???? I have over a thousand names in my iPhone. Please help.
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    Power consumption

    I notice my battery life is substantially shorter since I upgraded to IOS 6. Anybody notice that also?
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    Since IO6

    I don't have issue with any apps yet but power consumption seems to suck big time. Anyone notice that?
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    Ipad as computer replacement?

    I find the iPad can do more than I ever imagine. I first thought it is a toy but lately it is my primary work horse. I love the fact I can take notes in meetings and pictures too. And they all neatly organized in the Evernote (that I primary use) without me doing a thing is just great. I have...