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Recent content by ekorad

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    Kernel panics when starting Google apps and dropbox

    Hello everyone, I've recently came across some device "crashes". My iPad reboots as soon as I tap on the app icon. This ALWAYS happens when I tap on any Google app (chrome, youtube, maps, drive) oooor on dropbox. Here is the latest panic.plist (2015-03-19-231102.panic.plist) Incident...
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    download music directly to music app

    thank you very much, sorry about the piracy thing
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    download music directly to music app

    hello everyone! i got a big question: is it possible to get music (ON IPAD, NO PC) and put it in the music app/ipod app/ itunes library? (I REPEAT, ONLY IPAD NO PC) something like getting music from itunes app for free...? thanks:D
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    iPad 2 Won't start!

    Well, I tried almost everything, but no success, so I restored to the very latest version and that is 5.1.1... Any ideea when will the A5 iDevices jailbreak appear?
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    iPad 2 Won't start!

    Hello everybody. Yesterday, I tried to install an application from Cydia (InstaTapper or something like that - a mouse arrow for ipad), but sadly, it was only for ios 4 (i have ios 5.0.1). When I searched for that app, i saw multiple results, something like: InstaTapper RED/BLACK Classic...
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    Transferin music into the music app (while on ipad)

    hello everyone i'd like to ask if: is there any possibility to download music ON IPAD and transfer it to the music app using any file browser/explorer?(ONLY ON IPAD, WITHOUT THE USE OF PC) i saw that in the music library folder there are much many other folders with names like F02(F<number>)...