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    Vaja and Piel Frama Cover Pictures

    Received my Black Piel Frama cover from It is the one with the magnetic catch that was back-ordered. The cover, sitting on top of the box A close-up of the stitching The inside with the Piel Frama logo embossed within the leather Picture of the cover opened up The iPad...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Hi IpadOne! I am looking forward to when your website begins accepting orders! Have some goodies I need to order. ;) All the Best!
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    I received my shipping notification!!

    Mine also says shipping from Rancho Cordova, CA. That's just 40 minutes away from where I live! Won't be here until tomorrow though. All the Best!
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    This is a response from one of our members on the iPad 3G support thread on "Re: April 30th arrival date for the iPad 3G I just spoke w/ a representative at Apple (to add the camera kit onto my iPad 3G order). I expressed concern that my my card hadn't shown a charge on it...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    [I had posted this in the MacRumors forum and am now reposting this cover review here.] I received this cover today in the mail. The beige color looks exactly like in the pictures. Shipping was from the Los Angeles area and took 1 day to process and 2 days to get here in Northern California. It...
  6. E Seidio Ipad Case Giveaway!

    The iPad is my very first Apple product. I have always owned PC based computers since the ancient days of DOS programming. I ordered an iPad on the very first day they were available for pre-order, sight unseen. After playing with a real one at the Apple Store, all I can say is "What took me so...
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    Camera Connection Kit

    IpadOne, your website is looking better and better! Looking forward to seeing your accessories soon. All the best.
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    Camera Connection Kit

    IpadOne, your stand is amazing! Once your site is online, I will recommend my friends at the other forums to visit it! Wonderful job! All the best!
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    Anyway to import iPad to the UK?

    As far as I know certain technology items are forbidden from export to certain countries. But this pertains to commercial companies, not private individuals. A person on Ebay could probably sell you an iPad but the Customs in your country would require you to pay the appropriate duties and fees...
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Has JohnnyApple stopped updating the list? All the best!
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    Hi Rasputina! Glad to see you made it over here from the Kindle boards! All the best!
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    Camera Connection Kit

    Looking forward to when your stand comes out iPadOne. As a photographer, I would definitely get one in either CF or SD card and I am sure a lot of other people on the photographers forums would be interested. Try The GetDPI Photography Forums - Powered by vBulletin and see what kind of interest...
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    iPad 3g availibility

    If you look at the countdown signatures for the iPad 3G and count out the days on a calender it shows the shipping date to be May 3rd. ;) All the best!
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    ? on Reservation Pickup

    Be careful if you decide to use the ship wifi. When I was on Carnival Cruises, the charge was $55/100 minutes. On The Holland America Cruise to Alaska last year it was the same price plus $4 for activation. And the wifi is pretty slow, so it gets pricey. All the Best!
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    Amazon Announces Kindle for the Mac, Says iPad Version is Next

    As a long time Kindle owner, I look forward to be able to use some of my books on the ipad. In addition, it gives me a choice to see if Amazon or Apple has a lower price on a particular book or magazine that I want to purchase. Best to All!