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    go to and see a list of printers that are Air print compatible. I looked and did not see yours there. On the bright side, neither was mine and at first I could not print. I was real bummed out as I had just bought the printer a few months before getting my iPad. For some unknown...
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    I need way to print from IPad

    In my experience, the first thing is to be sure you have a printer that has "Air Print" capability. Many new ones do but older printers will not have this. Once you have this and have established communication between the iPad and printer (which is essentially automatic), then it is simple...
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    My New member intro

    Hi, my name is Ed and I've just joined. The reason being I have an issue with my iPad and hope to get some help. I won't go over that again here as it is in a separate message sent earlier. I live in Iowa where we just got dumped on big time with around 10" of snow but that is nothing really...
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    "open in" problem

    I was merrily working away, viewing safari web pages, tapping the center of the iPad screen, getting the prompt to 'Open In' and then having a number of apps to choose from when all of a sudden that feature went away and I cannot get it back. I have an IPad 4 with the latest 6.1.2 iOs. At the...