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  1. earlyadopter

    New iPad Pre-orders begin today!

    +1 on the white 16 GB WiFi iPad for my wife
  2. earlyadopter

    Apple is Sending Out an iOS 5.0.1 Update to Limited Users Over Battery Issues

    I have been using iOS 5.0.1 b2 and my battery issue has gone away. No problems at all now and I am using all of the time, push and notification settings.
  3. earlyadopter

    Has anyone dropped their iPad 2

    I dropped my iPad 2 a couple of weeks ago and cracked the screen. Ouch! I took it my local Apple Store the next day and it was replaced.
  4. earlyadopter

    Odd - Happen to Anyone Else?

    Try this link from a thread I posted last month. I had to do this yesterday after installing iOS 5 beta. It works great. Sent from my iPad 2, 32 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF
  5. earlyadopter


    Looks like I need to edit my details to: Sent from my iPad 2 32 GB 3G WiFI my brother now has my iPad 1 64 GB 3G Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF
  6. earlyadopter


    I read a thread here a few weeks ago on this forum about a person who got a replacement for a damaged iPad. Really, who cracks their iPad screen? Well I was finishing up last night and was about to place my iPad on the coffee table and it just slipped out of hand. No harm...looks like a smear...
  7. earlyadopter

    hree $1,000 Apps Vie for "Most Expensive iPad App

    Link to article on the most expensive apps at the App Store Three $1,000 Apps Vie for "Most Expensive iPad App" | News & Opinion | More detail from The Daily - WWW.THEDAILY.COM Oh yea, The Alchemist SMS is my app:)
  8. earlyadopter

    Maintain app organization when restoring iOS devices

    Interesting article that is worth the read. I have lost my folders a couple of times and it was a pain to set things back the way it was. Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF
  9. earlyadopter

    saving passwords on ipad

    Try Settings - Safari - then turn on AutoFill Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF
  10. earlyadopter

    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Ordered mine on April 30th it'll be here Thursday. Shipment Travel History Help Select time zone: All shipment travel activity is displayed in local time for the location Date/Time Activity Location DetailsMay 10, 2011 1:33 PM Int'l shipment release ANCHORAGE, AK May 10, 2011 12:37...
  11. earlyadopter

    Not possible to connect to on iPad?

    If you are talking about I just logged on to it. It seems to be working fine. I'm using my iPad 1 and iOS 4.3.3 Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF
  12. earlyadopter

    4.3.3 Has anyone noticed a change in power consumption?

    Mine doesn't charge through my keyboard USB port. It may be Apple playing mind games with me. I'll keep an eye out and report back. I should has my new iPad 2 next week...this may all be moot. Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF
  13. earlyadopter

    4.3.3 Has anyone noticed a change in power consumption?

    It may be specific to my iPad 1 but my battery indicator was at 92% then I rebooted the device to be sure. I installed 4.3.3 and it is at 99%. I had always suspected 4.3.2 of accelerated power consumption/incorrect reporting. I'll watch it for awhile and see..... Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi...
  14. earlyadopter

    32g vs 64g?

    I purchased an iPad 1 64 GB WiFi for my wife and a iPad 1 64 GB WiFi 3G for myself a year ago. My brother is getting mine and my iPad 2 32 GB 3G should be here in about a week. I use my iPad about 6 hours per day and with the new Apple cloud locker around the corner for ~ $20 per year I went for...
  15. earlyadopter

    Thoughts from an old pc guy

    I was an Apple guy from 1984 through 1997 then I had to switch to a PC for work. Last April I purchased an iPad and fell in love with it. Purchased the second one last May for my wife. Became an Apple developer, launched my first app in September. Since then I have bought a Mac Mini, Airport...