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    iPad as e-reader. How does it compare

    My wife has the B&W Nook and she loves it. She also likes my iPad2 as well...but there really is no comparison when it come to reading outdoors in bright light...Nook B&W wins every time. Like others here have done I have a B&N app and download all her books so she can use either one of the...
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    Great tips about wifi over 3g...I'll keep that in mind. Cya
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    I was checking out some saltwater aquariums since I'm thinking about getting into that again, so it was just random videos but the quality just plain SUCKED!! I'm not home right now so I checked out some of those same videos again on wifi and the quality is a whole lot better. I gotta get me...
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    Ok...I checked the videos again today using wifi and the quality is much better. I myself wouldn't think that wifi would give you a better quality video. The router I have at home is provided by the service provider and I know it is not that good or fast. I'm going to have to look into...
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    Bad YouTube video quality!!!

    I searched the topic to no go easy on me if I missed the already discussed topic. While watching YouTube videos through the app on the iPad I noticed that the quality is not even close to "HD". What gives? I thought that the quality would be better than I'm getting. Ant...
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    I'm waiting for a iPad 2 jailbreak. Should I....

    Well, I'm rooting for Sunday. Thanks for the update. Cya
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    I'm waiting for a iPad 2 jailbreak. Should I....

    Any word or guesses on when a JB will be out for the iPad2 4.3.3? Cya
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    Best iPad 2 case with keyboard

    I'm on the Zagg bandwagon. Cya
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    wi fi no 3G

    How did you think you would connect the wireless card to the iPad? There is no way of connecting the card that I know of. Cya
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    Best price for case/keyboard

    I went and bought a ZaggMate from BestBuy the other day so I would be ready when my iPad got to my house. I'm glad I has a small learning curve. Others have said it up and go the Zagg route. Cya
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    ZaggMate for iPad2

    I got my iPad on Wednesday the 11th and I also have the ZagMate. I can't compare it to anything else since this is my first experience with either one, but I will jump on the bandwagon in favor of the ZagMate. It paired up immediately and performs flawlessly. It's a great combination. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Well, it showed up this morning. This thing is awesome. I love it. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Wouldn't ya know it...Got the confirmation email tonight about the shipment and the estimated delivery of the 11th. I was going to leave in the morning to go see if I could fulfill my iPad desires and then this. I'll just wait till Wednesday the 11th. Cya
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I finally got ahold of someone at VZW that would take a moment to research my order and tell me what the hold up was. When I placed my order for the iPad I also placed an order for a few accessories and come to find out that is what is holding up the entire order. I made sure to order the...
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    Facetime Costs

    Forgive my ignorance....can an iPad have a Face time type call if the other person only has a Netbook? Cya