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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Got mine this morning 32 gig wi-fi white Got mine this morning White 32 Gig Wi Fi from CDW Got the new Cover in Green also. Daughter gets my old Ipad 32 Gig WiFI.:ipad-keyboard::)
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    64GB iPad 3G Microwaved - Video

    What a waste of money and time! The world is full of idiots...well here are some more..tooo much time on their hands....:mad: Makes me angry....
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    Kroo iPad Forza Case with Kick Stand

    Kroo iPad Forza Thick Soft Leather Case With Kick Stand - Black (Free Screen Protector) (kroo11920) available at Accessories For iPad, iPhone, iPod, Cellular, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, LG and all Smartphones for 24.99 Just ordered one for my iPad and will post pics when I get it.:) Paul
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    Best Buy Availability

    Bad experience on Fridat Best Buy The first Best Buy I called at 3 pm. they said they only had five 64 gig3 I could not get there till 6pm. After work decided to go to another BB 10 miles away as my wife and I were going to dinner. I walked in they had only 32 gig wifi, I bought one and...
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    Best Buy Availability

    My best buy only selling 64 gig 3g Called my local Best Buy and they have a line already and are selling only 64gig 3G..they have only 5-10 Ipads...Guess I'll have to check out Apple Store Tomorrow or next week...or order on line I want the 16 gig or 32 gig 3g...64 gig 3g is $900 with tax is...
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    Best Buy Availability

    Self Control over Self Indulgence No it's just a matter of self control and not being an Apple to have it now cause tomorrow I will die if I don't get one....:) By the way will be like the other 150 million + people in the US without an what! I have a Mac Book Pro...
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    Best Buy Availability

    Hankering for an IPAD 3g ro Wi Fi -Be Patient! I want to get the 3G VERSION, but I have learned that all good things comes to those who wait. Patience! In 45 Days there will be so many Ipads at Best Buy's and Apple store's you will have no problems just walking in and picking one up. The Ipad...
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    New and still waiting.

    Haven't ordered one Yet? Deciding on 16 or 32 3G I have a 5 year old IMAC 20", Wife has IPOD3G 8GB & Acer Netbook also have a 2009 Mac Book Pro 15.4" running VMWare and XP PRO for Work. I heard that CITRIX has a free program to a VM WIN 7 machine. It would be nice to get on line in the car...