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    Tethered wi-fi vs 4G Question

    One thing to keep in mind is that the battery will die really fast on your iPhone while tethering,maybe get an hour out of it,while the 4g iPad will be able to go 10+ hours on the 4g network.
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    Ipad 4 camera kit

    Any indication if the transfer speeds will be faster with the lightning adapter as opposed to the iPad 3?
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    Surprisingly happy with outcome at bestbuy

    Better screen?Not saying you are wrong,but I was under the assumption the screen was exactly the same on both devices?I actually hope you are right,as I just sold my iPad 3 and am waiting for the 4 to be released.
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    How much RAM

    Looks like it has 1GB of ram..... iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Spec Showdown | Digital Trends
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    How much RAM

    GOOD question,very curious to see what it has,something tells me it will still be 1GB,otherwise Apple would have announced it.Hope I am wrong,as I will be purchasing one when available.
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    Turn Your iPad Into a Classic Typewriter

    Looks to me like its beating the hell out of the the poor Ipad.Maybe a fun idea,but poorly designed.
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    What I see in my backyard...

    I see this little guy once in a while.... But I would hate to see Black Bart get his mitts on him..
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    Canadians tv watching apps?

    Slingbox works amazing on the ipad,but u need to purchase hardware,after that no extra fees.
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    HDMI streaming in background?

    Thanks for the response,I ended up finding an app called backgrounder that does exactly what I wanted.
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    HDMI streaming in background?

    I just got an HDMI adapter for my iPad 3 and it streams Netflix nicely to a TV set,but I would like the IPads screen to be off during playback to save battery life.Is there a way to have the screen off and maintain the movie playing??
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    USB tethering from iphone to Ipad?

    I cant seem to find any info on this,which leads me to believe it cant be done but I will throw it out there anyway.Can I use a data cable from my iphone 4 to my new ipad via the usb adapter and tether them together?Both units are jailbroken,I am aware it can easily be done using wifi,but I...
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    The thing I most dislike about my iPad is.......

    Is there some screen protecters out there that don't leave finger prints?I know some matte finish protectors claim this,but I wonder if they degrade the view quality? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    New Member!

    Thanks everyone,this looks like a very friendly place:o
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    New Member!

    I have been doing all the research on getting a new android tablet and was preparing to wait it out for the Asus TF700 which is due out shortly.The reason I wanted a android tablet was I wanted it to pair it with my Galaxy S3 that is due out in less than a week here,I am first on Best Buys...