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    Using my iPad for a Biker Blog

    Thanks to all of you for your inputs -- and only after ten or fifteen minutes! I have never had a blog before, but I have heard good things about WordPress. What Im looking to do is to crop and make minor tweaks to my shapshots (I can Photoshop 'em when I get home) and stuff a few into the...
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    Using my iPad for a Biker Blog

    I'm a soon-to-retire bureaucrat who will be taking a solo bike tour through Utah and Idaho later this summer. Although I have a laptop, I bought theNew iPad for its solid state drive and small size and besides, my iPhone seems pretty easy to figure out so what the hey! Anyway, I love to take...
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    Is the iPad too difficult to learn for a 62 year old?

    "but I fear he may be too old to jive with the new technology" I assume you're kidding. This is my first post, since I just got my iPad3 this morning, and it seems pretty easy for this 67-year-old to use....