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    Does Apple SIM come with iPad Air 2 from non-carrier reseller (MacMall)?

    I know that AT&T will lock an Apple SIM card so that it will only work with AT&T afterwards, while Sprint and T-Mobile will not. Fortunately, I have no intention of ever using an Apple SIM card with AT&T. My main concern is whether the Apple SIM is included with every purchase of an iPad Air 2...
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    Does Apple SIM come with iPad Air 2 from non-carrier reseller (MacMall)?

    I'll start with the TL;DR version: * Has anyone here bought an iPad Air 2 with wifi + cellular from MacMall? * If so, did they include the Apple SIM card with the purchase? The long version: I want to buy a wifi + cellular iPad Air 2. My understanding, from the Apple website, is that Apple...
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    Crowdsourcing my update and model-choice plans

    I generally like to get new devices about a month after they hit the market. So the preferred option is to wait. I'm not sure whether my old iPad 2 will hold out that long, though. I think the wifi antenna is now having problems; the old trick of the network reset has failed to fix the...
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    Crowdsourcing my update and model-choice plans

    I have a four-year-old iPad 2 that has been extremely reliable for a long time, but is starting to creak in many ways. I'm usually frugal with my electronic devices, but I think it's going to finally need replacing this year. Most likely, I'd go for another full-sized iPad rather than a Mini...
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    That loud crashing sound ....

    I have a 4-year-old iPad 2 that worked fine for me until a couple of months ago. It'll be okay for a few hours, and then it will suddenly crash and go dark. I can usually wake it up by randomly pressing buttons, etc., but it still acts very strangely until rebooted. More details: * It seems to...
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    Crashing iPad 2 -- could it be newer apps on older iOS?

    I'd already tried resetting before my first post. It helps temporarily. I'll definitely check the crash reports. Thanks!
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    Crashing iPad 2 -- could it be newer apps on older iOS?

    I have a three-year-old iPad 2. I'm still running iOS 7 on it. I've noticed a lot of app crashes lately, and they happen while using a wide variety of apps. What happens is that there's suddenly a clicking sound like the camera is being activated, and then the screen goes dark. When I press the...
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    Australian Telstra card in Canada?

    I recently traveled to Australia (short work related trip) and bought a prepaid Telstra card for my iPad, which worked fine. When I flew back to Toronto, the card picked up the Rogers network. This was a surprise, since my AT&T card from the U.S. doesn't pick up networks in Canada, and my...
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    How to get AT&T 3G after only 4 hours of support calls and store visits :-)

    I'm spending a couple of consecutive weekends in the U.S., so it seemed like the right time to equip my iPad with an AT&T microSIM card. Picked one up at an AT&T store in western New York free of charge -- interesting, since another AT&T store in the area said they'd charge $15 for one...
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    Strap Your iPad to Your Knee with the AppStation

    Seriously, I would use one of these things daily, just surfing on the couch.
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    are you a mac or a windows user?

    Mac since 1985! I'll use Windows when I have to, but I grumble the whole time. :-)
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    Favorite Smart Cover color?

    Tie between blue and green poly. I have the blue. I wish they'd make some dark or bright poly covers, though. If Apple made the cover in hunter or kelly green, or in a nice bright blue, red, or gold, I'd have preferred any of those to pastel or neon colors. I don't like the smell of leather...
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    iPad 2 Smart Cover Review And Overview

    I got the light blue polyurethane Smart Cover for my white iPad2. (Couldn't decide whether I wanted blue or green; the day I bought the iPad, Future Shop was out of green covers but had plenty of blue in stock, so that made the decision for me.) The Smart Cover seems to do a great job of...
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    Most flexible SIM card setup for frequent visitor to U.S.?

    I'm an American living in Canada. Just got my iPad 2 with 3G, and a Bell SIM card. Haven't set up service yet, but probably will soon. I travel to the U.S. regularly -- maybe twice a month, almost always for only a couple of days at a time. I don't want to pay monthly fees for a feature I...
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    Glad to find this forum! I'm a longtime Apple fan (Mac owner since 1985!) Just got my iPad 2 on 25 March.