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  1. DrJNAB

    OnLive Desktop Brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to the iPad

    A great product for sure. Highly recommend.
  2. DrJNAB

    Password App

    Datavault syncs to desktops/IPAD without exposing your data on Dropbox. If keeping your private PW's secure IMHO Datavault is the product to keep your data private.
  3. DrJNAB

    Password App

    I use Datavault and it's excellent.
  4. DrJNAB

    Liquid Gold Screen Cleaner

    Has anyone used this product on their IPad or laptop screens? Drjnab
  5. DrJNAB

    Have i been stupid?

    You done good!
  6. DrJNAB

    Any apps that will play wma wmv on iPad without conversion?

    It's called VLC media, and it was free.
  7. DrJNAB

    DVDs to IPad?

    Aneesoft products are also excellent and easy to use. DrJNAB
  8. DrJNAB

    Need a simple password manager

    Yes. I believe it's still a good value.
  9. DrJNAB

    Need a simple password manager

    Data vault for me.
  10. DrJNAB

    Apple TV, anyone?

    Apple TV is cool, and works fine. Highly recommend.
  11. DrJNAB

    Print from IPad without Airprint

    Thanks. drJNAB