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  1. DrHouse

    The iPad as a YouTube studio: Video editing App: Cute CUT

    I forgot to mention that GarageBand is used for background intro in my stuff. The iPad is a complete portable studio. Vicopad addick!
  2. DrHouse

    The iPad as a YouTube studio: Video editing App: Cute CUT

    I've been busy lately working on personal projects and my YouTube channel. There are many tools available to record, edit and upload your videos to YouTube on a PC but I've found that my iPad 4 is the perfect tool. Lets start with the required inventory: - iPad (of course) - An external...
  3. DrHouse

    iMovie seems to keep recorded audio clips

    Hi all, I need a bit of help with iMovie on the iPad. I've been using iMovie a lot these days and often, I will record audio clips to comment the video. The things is that there seems to be no way to deleted the recorded audio clips once I'm done. What I mean is that I can remove them from...
  4. DrHouse

    Is it possible to have more RAM installed Orig. ipad?

    Short answer: no It will die as it was born Vicopad addick!
  5. DrHouse

    Hello - I am not an iPad user, but need advice

    Any PDF will work on the iPad. It can be received from an email or downloaded from a web page, it does not really matter. You can even put your PDF directly in iBook or any other app that supports a shared folder thru iTunes. Any PDFs can be viewed and saved into iBook for later reading...
  6. DrHouse

    Moving movies from iPhone to the iPad, the easy way

    Hi folks, I figured a simple way to transfer my movies captured from my iPhone to my iPad over wifi without having to use iTunes. The transferred movies will eventually be put in the camera roll, thus available for iMovie... To do this, I used AirDisk Pro. You actually need an app that can...
  7. DrHouse

    iMovie on the iPad

    I've been using iMovie on my iPad more and more to create episodes for my show. It's a great tool to create 5 min. Podcasts as you can record, edit and publish on the fly with it. I was wondering if themes, sound effects and other goodies can be added to it's library. I've looked in the...
  8. DrHouse

    Excel on ipad

    Have a look at Numbers from Apple
  9. DrHouse

    Jumped from the iPad 1 to the iPad 4...

    Hi all, I finally made the move to a new iPad 4 Wifi... It's really great! I was waiting as long as I could with the iPad 1 as it is still working perfectly well. The issues I was facing was random crashes in the AppStore and some apps would not update anymore because they require iOS 6 as...
  10. DrHouse

    Screen capture with Display Recorder

    Display Recorder is back in the AppStore. But for 9.99$...
  11. DrHouse

    Using GarageBand to create Ringtones/Alerts

    Here is an almost easy way to make your own ringtones/alerts sound using GarageBand on iOS: 1 - Start GarageBand on your device 2 - Create a new song 3 - Select any instrument, it does not really matter for now 4 - Click on the icon that will show all your tracks instead of the instrument view...
  12. DrHouse

    Are you getting many notifications from iPF?

    Hi all, In the last few days, I'm receiving many notifications from the iPF app as if someone posted in one of the thread I subscribed to. But each time, nothing was posted. I wonder if I am receiving these notifications simply because someone viewed the thread instead. This is happening on...
  13. DrHouse

    Music. App

    You need to activate Home Sharing in iTunes and also on your iPad. Once activated, your iPad will see your iTunes library and you'll be able to watch/listen to the content on your PC from your iPad. Same goes for the AppleTV also able to connect to your iTunes library over wifi. Go in your...
  14. DrHouse

    Can't update apps with iPad 1

    I got the same issue today with Cut The Rope. My best guess is to delete the app, but first you need to backup it on iTunes to avoid losing it. Pretty sure that it's impossible to get an older version of the app when a new higher requirement is set. Probably we'll get more and more apps that...
  15. DrHouse

    Please help a newbie to keynote

    Softwares as Keynotes, PowerPoint or Impress are actually targeting the paper format, which is essentially 4:3 or around that. I assume by your requirement that you are trying to produce a presentation that will be shown on a HD TV. This problem has been existing for a long time and if my...