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    Erase iPad2 and start from scratch

    awesome, thank you so much.
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    Erase iPad2 and start from scratch

    My son attempted to jailbreak his iPad last year, I'm not sure if he did or not but we had major problems. Thanks to the help of you wonderful people we were able to get it working again. While it was jailbroken/having problems it was connected to iTunes and we can't remember if it synced...
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    Erase all contents and settings

    This link no longer works, do you have another reliable link please?
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    iPAD 2 completely frozen possibly jailbreak

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I have wanted to say thank you for so long but have only just worked out how to find my post. I really, really appreciate your time and am so grateful for your help.
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    iPad 2 potential backup problem?

    Hi there, sorry I donn't know if this is a specific iPad 2 problem or general problem so hopefully I have it i the right forum. not long ago my so tried to jailbreak his iPad which ended in disaster. Thanks to some amazing people on this forum we were able to get it working ad he eventually...
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    iPAD 2 completely frozen possibly jailbreak

    All the kids at my sons school were doing the jailbreak thing so of course my son decides he has to do it as well. Apparently halfway through the jailbreak download thing (not completely sure as I wasn't there) the iPad got disconnected. Now the iPad is completely frozen. You can switch it off...