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  1. drb_52

    Ipad movies from an external drive

    I believe if you put them in iTunes, you can reimport them as you need. You should be able to drag and drop them inti iTunes on your computer. A better option might be to have iTunes sync with the folder automatically.
  2. drb_52

    screwed up to get this on my ipad " via ipad & apple logo "

    Are you asking about Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Signature Or the forum signature using the app More -> Settings -> Forum Posting Options -> Send Signature (ON)
  3. drb_52

    Accessing stuff from an external hdd WITHOUT copying it over to the iPad2 ?

    Take a look at the seagate goflex satellite. Its a 500 gb portable hard drive. If you want to hack it, you can write to it from the ipad. There are other options too, like the airstash or kingston wi drive. Their capacity is a lot smaller. The other option that comes to mind is a network...
  4. drb_52

    Apple Posts First Black Friday Sale Details

    With every other chain store offering deep discounts on a variety of things, probably won't have to stand in long lines at the Apple Stores. If Apple has anything worth driving 20 miles for, I can make that the last stop of the day. Happy Holidays!
  5. drb_52

    Wifi-only (non cellular) versions of Ipad work with Square credit card reader???

    My son has the iPad2 wifi only. Unless things have changed with updates, his square credit card reader worked for him.
  6. drb_52

    Please Help

    Haven't seen that before.
  7. drb_52

    noobie questions

    Ask for the original store receipt.. Verify the serial number of the iPad matches the one on the receipt. SETTINGS->GENERAL->ABOUT If you can get the receipt, most likely, the iPad is not stolen. If the receipt is not available, take your cash home with you! Assuming you intend to purchase...
  8. drb_52

    Printing from my Ipad 2 directly to my Lexmark S405

    There are a few ways to print from the iPad. The one you will use depends on your printer setup. If you have an airprint compatible wireless printer, you can print directly from the ipad without using a printer app. Unfortunately, your Lexmark S405 is not airprint compatible. If you have a...
  9. drb_52

    Email Addresses

    Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Auto-Capitolization to off.
  10. drb_52

    Changing modem password

    If you're refering to this instruction: Browse to http://dsldevice.lan or to the IP address of your Thomson Gateway (by default: Then open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, or another browser you use) . Highlight the address of your home page in the address bar and then...
  11. drb_52

    Buzz player hd doesnt display all files through ftp

    If you go into the buzz player hd settings, under general, is the "display unsupported files" set to on?
  12. drb_52

    Buzzplayer HD help

    Glad it worked for you. Tomuk21, you might want to consider something like CloudFTP or a Seagate Goflex Satellite or other device that provides a way to store a large number of files without taking up space on your iPad. I have a goflex and it works well with buzzplayer. With 500gb of...
  13. drb_52

    Buzzplayer HD help

    Find the file you want to delete in the buzz player hd library - local. Hold your finger on it. A menu should pop-up with the option to delete the file. Select delete.
  14. drb_52

    Getting stuff off my ipad

    Have you synced your ipad to your computer using itunes? When you do, itunes will copy your videos to your pc.
  15. drb_52

    goflex satellite

    No, I'm still waiting for that seagate goflex upgrade. There is a hack though that makes two way transfer possible. It's not free though.