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  1. Drak

    Any iPad programmers willing to take on an Android to iPad tether project?

    hrmm, I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and am able to tether my iPad 2 with no issues, don't even need an app to do it, just turn on WiFi hotspot on the phone, your saying the HTC EVO doesn't have WiFi hotspot ?
  2. Drak

    Boxor HD for iPad - Dreamboard

    I'd say first of all do you have a "mboxmail.png" file ? if yes then make sure it's in the same location as as gmail.png then change "<string>/DreamBoard/BoxorHD-iPad/SBicons/Gmail.png</string>" to mboxmail.png
  3. Drak

    New to Apple World

    the iPad is not designed to charge from the USB port on a PC but I have found that it will if you close off iTunes, it's only a trickle charge tho so it will take some time to charge this way, for the app you could try turning the iPad off completely (this is a kind of reset) and that might...
  4. Drak

    Rant! Windows is a pain!

    and you could turn most of those notifications off...
  5. Drak

    Do I have to 'Jail-Break' my IPad in order to......

    what are you using to view them with ? do yourself a favor and get GoodReader, best PDF viewer for the iPad not sure about the ePub files, sry
  6. Drak

    how to transfer images to ipad and how to delete images

    if you put your photo's in folders Like Pocobear said then that is the category they will be in on the iPad
  7. Drak

    iPad Sim issue

    the iPad 3G doesn't come with a sim card, you have to go sign up with one of the phone venders to get one, if you go in to settings you can turn the 3G off until you make up your mind to get one. have a look under Settings/Cellular Data there's a switch there to turn it off
  8. Drak

    How to change Apple ID on ipad?

    nope sry, their the 2 areas I would have thought would fix the issue, might need to think on it a bit more :confused:
  9. Drak

    How to change Apple ID on ipad?

    open App Store and then goto the bottom, on the left is an Account button try that, sign out first then sign in with your new ID
  10. Drak

    How to change Apple ID on ipad?

    Under Settings/Store didn't work ?
  11. Drak

    Upgrade causes Dragon Dictation crash, non open

    fires up ok for me but then again I did just download it
  12. Drak

    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    have the 64gb 3G, paid for the 3G for the first month and have not used it since, Wi-Fi at home and at work so no need to use it
  13. Drak

    simple question what did you buy your ipad for

    watching movies on the way to work, iPad's large screen is great for it
  14. Drak

    Are you on your iPad now? Where?

    at work using my desktop :(
  15. Drak

    Any easy way to really close an app in 4.2.1?

    this is a pita, you should be able to choose the apps you want in the background, the default should be to close an app down unless set otherwise.